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OK, MO, KS, NE, AR--

BEAUTIFUL OKLAHOMA. Plains, wildflowers, buffalo, rivers, mountains. Color photos, 72 large-format  pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: BEAM6179 paper$6.95.

LAW WEST OF FORT SMITH. Shirley. "Hanging Judge" Parker's historic court and Oklahoma outlaws. Photos, 335 pages.
Inventory = 2.
ISBN: 0-8032-5183-1. UNEB1591 paper$14.95.


THE OZARKS OUTDOORS: A Guide for Fishermen, Hunters, and Tourists. Rafferty. Complete guide to this region of hills, forests, and lakes in Missouri/KS/AR/OK; history, physical features, cultural traits, recreation areas, festivals. 185 illustrations,  37 maps, 400 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: UOKL1635 cloth$24.95.







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