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ADVANCED BASS FISHING. Weiss. How bass live, move, and feed and how to catch them, covering largemouth and smallmouth black bass, spotted bass, Florida bass in all waters. Photos, 286 pages.
Inventory = 4. Order #: STOE2113 paper$9.95.




AMERICAN FLY TYING MANUAL. by Dave Hughes. Clear illustrations and photos (83) show you how to tie all 290 patterns in the book which are shown in full color and large size with tying instructions adjacent to each. Best-producing North American flies, including most popular dry, nymph, wet, streamer and bucktail, steelhead, Atlantic salmon, Pacific salmon, cutthroat, Alaskan, saltwater, bass, and panfish patterns. Color plates of tying materials, including fur, hackle, thread, etc. Fly pattern index. Fishing tips for most patterns. Printed on heavy, gloss paper stock. Bound for easy opening. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 48 pages, all color.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 1-57188-212-X. Order #: FRAM5496 paper$9.95

AMERICAN SPORTSMEN & THE ORIGINS OF CONSERVATION. Relger. Develops the thesis that sportsmen--especially hunters--founded the American conservation movement and continue to be its most important supporters.
Inventory = 5. Order #: ZZXS5178 cloth$10.00.



ANGLER'S GUIDE TO PLUG AND BAIT CASTING: A Complete Manual of Revolving--spool Tackle and How to Use It. Pfeiffer. Includes history of traditional casting reel and describes the many kinds, plus detailed coverage of rods for trolling, casting, popping as well as techniques for striking and fighting fish. Over 200 photos, 224 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: WINC2852 paper$12.95.

BASIC FISHING. Ovington. Instruction on every phase of fresh-water fishing; fundamentals, glossary, lessons. Illustrated, 168 pages.
Inventory = 11. Order #: STAC1340 paper$10.95.

BASS ANGLER'S GUIDE: Where to find and how to catch the big ones. Hunn. Details 34 of America's best bass-fishing streams, lakes, and rivers. Photos, 256 pages.
Inventory = 12.
ISBN: 0-8117-0216-2. Order #: STAC1453 cloth$14.95.

FISHERMAN'S LAUGH BOOK. 64 pages of cartoons and gags with fishing in mind. Baxter Lane titles are suited for gift stores and souvenir shops in tourist areas.
Ibventory = 7. No ISBN. Order #: #BALA9261  paper$3.95




THE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO BETTER FISHING. Zwirz. Fresh and salt water, spinning, bait casting, fly fishing, lures, locations. 256 large-format pages.
Inventory = 8. Order #: DBIB0370 paper$11.95.

CHAUNCY LIVELY'S FLYBOX. Lively. A portfolio of modern trout flies: midges, terrestrials, caddisflies, stoneflies, mayflies. Over 340 photos, 96 large-format pages.
Inventory = 14.
ISBN: 0-8117-2078-0.  Order #: STAC1338 paper$18.95.




THE COMPLETE BAIT ANGLER'S GUIDE: How to Capture, Keep, and Use Live Bait. Whitman. Includes best means of fishing natural foods for warmwater fish and trout. Illustrated, 200 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: ICSB6472 paper$9.95.

THE COMPLETE BOOK OF THE STRIPED BASS. Karas. Describes the fish, its environment, its behavior; methods to take it, and cooking. Photos, 38l pages.
Inventory = 4. Order #: STOE2108 paper$7.95.






COMPLETE GUIDE TO GAMEFISH: A Field Book of Fresh & Saltwater Species. Dalrymple. Classic guide to 138 freshwater and 190 saltwater species, containing abundant factual information on tackle and fishing techniques. Ill.  Originally published at $14.95.
Inventory = 6. Order #: ZZBT4670 cloth$

CONFESSIONS OF A FLY FISHING ADDICT: A New Collection of Stories and Misadventures. Lyons. Fishing stories told with humor and musing. 221 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SISC9095 paper$10.00.

FIBERGLASS ROD MAKING. Clemens. How to make your own custom rods tailored to your kind of fishing; where to get materials, how to plan and assemble them, and how to maintain them. Photos, 205 pages.
Inventory = 4. Order #: STOE2111 paper$8.95.

FIELD GUIDE TO FISHING KNOTS: essential knots for freshwater and saltwater angling.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 1-930298-03-8. Order #: WIAP6576 paper$14.95.

FISH ON THE GRILL. Grunes. 2More than 70 elegant, easy, and delectable recipes with chart of cooking times for fish types plus info on coals, grills, and techniques-for outdoor grill or indoor broilers. Illustrated, 112 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: CONT4428 paper$8.95.

Inventory = 1. Order #: DARW5075 paper$3.95.

FISHERMEN'S DIGEST. Thiffault. 17 essays survey many aspects of fishing from trout angling in the Sierra to bass streams of Cajunland, steelheading, equipment, surffishing. Photos, 256 large-format pages.
Inventory =10.
ISBN: 0-910676-70-4. Order #: DBIB2165 paper$12.95.




FLY CASTING WITH LEFTY KREH. Kreh. Unusual and highly successful techniques presented step by step: dropback, double haul, shooting line, roll pickup, wind cast, and more. Stop-action photos, 127 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: STOE2114 paper$9.95.

THE FLY FISHERMAN'S WORKSHOP. Wilson. Contains 15 projects for fly tier and angler. Illustrated, 118 pages. Originally published by A.S. Barnes at $9.95.
Inventory = 1. Order #: ZZXS5171 $3.98.

FLY FISHING FOR PACIFIC SALMON. Ferguson, Johnson, & Trotter. Presents nearly 200 salmon fly patterns with their origins and how to fish them in salt water, tidal estuaries, and fresh water. Includes what salmon feed on, habits, knots,  imitating natural foods. Color illustrations , 140 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: FRAM5633 paper$19.95.


FLY FISHING FOR PANFISH. Malo. Provides a sure way to learn the techniques for catching these feisty, tasty fish. Illustrated, 146 pages.  Originally published by Dillon at $8.95.
Inventory = 15.
ISBN: 0-87518-208-9. Order #: ZZXS5191 cloth$8.95.




FLY FISHING FOR SALMON. Graesser. Presents a study of the fish themselves with the skills and techniques to take them: tackle, choosing the correct fly, casting, fishing a pool, when and how to strike, playing the fish. Photos, 128 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: JOHN2841 cloth$16.95.

FLY FISHING: A Beginner's Guide. Lee. How to fly cast, fly types and their uses, equipment selection. Illustrated, 208 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: PRHA7795 paper$9.95.

FLY ROD STEELHEAD. Stinson. Instructions for all types of steelhead fly fishing. Photos, 143 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: FRAM6094 paper$8.95.

FLY-DRESSING MATERIALS. Veniard. Feathers and furs--both exotic and prosaic--for the creative contemporary fly tier, plus required and recommended tools and ways to simplify various procedures. Color and b/w photos plus drawings, 160 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: WINC3318 cloth$16.95.

FLY-FISHING HERESIES. Wright. Fly fishing traditions are too dogmatic for this author who shares the practical and successful ways he presents flies to fish so they take them. Photos, 239 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: STOE2112 paper$5.95.

THE DIGEST BOOK OF FRESH WATER FISHING. Zwirz. The art and science of successful angling--for novice and expert alike. Illustrated, 96 large-format pages.
Inventory = 18. Order #: DBIB369 paper$4.95.




GREASED LINE FISHING FOR SALMON (AND STEELHEAD). Scott. Reprint of English fly--fishing classic. Illustrated, 235 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: FRAM6091 paper$9.95.

GUIDE TO LAKE AND STREAM TROUT FISHING: The Very Best Techniques. Herzog. Trout species, natural foods, finding trout, lures, equipment, techniques. Color photos, 48 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: FRAM6558 paper$14.95.


GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL BASS FISHING. Taylor. The first approach based on scientific fact. 68 illustrations, 178 pages.
Inventory = 7. Order #: MOPR0840 paper$9.95.


HATCHES II: A Complete Guide to Fishing the Hatches of North American Trout Streams. Caucci & Nastasi. Covers mayflies and their identification in all stages of their development, with critical information on fishing tactics, fly presentation and imitation. Includes emergence calendars, hook sizes, tying instructions. Photos, 335 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: WINC2840 cloth$29.95.


THE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO BETTER FISHING. Zwirz. How to flyfish with streamer, bottom fish; taking bass, stripers, catfish, crappie, carp, trout, bluefish; latest on equipment, bait, lures, boats and motors. Illustrated, 256 large-format pages.
Inventory = 5. Order #: DBIB6197 paper$14.95.




KAMLOOPS--An Angler's Study of the Kamloops Trout. Raymond. This area of British Columbia contains hundreds of lakes with big trout, and this book tells how to fish for them--feeding habits, flies to use, methods. Color illustrations, maps, 252 pages.
Inventory = 1
.ISBN: 0-936608-09-9.  Order #: FRAM6092 paper$9.95.



Inventory =  1.
ISBN: 978-1-57188-269-1. Order #: FRAM3323 paper$5.95.

CURTIS CREEK MANIFESTO. by Sheridan Anderson. Finest beginner fly-fishing guide due to its simple, straightforward approach. Laced with outstanding humor provided in its hundreds of illustrations.  All the practical information you need to know is presented in an extremely delightful way such as rod, reel, fly line and fly selection, casting, reading water, insect knowledge to determine which fly pattern to use, striking and playing fish, leaders and knot tying, fly tying, rod repairs, and many helpful tips.  A great easy-to-understand book. 8.5 x 11 inches, 48 pages, Illustrations.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-93660806-4. Order #: FRAM5494 paper$9.95

SECRETS OF ST. ANTHONY'S CREEK (THE): a flyfisher's manual. Rahtz.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 978-1-57188-466-4. Order #: FRAM1168 paper$16.95.

 MASTERING THE ART OF FLY-TYING. Talleur. Hands-on-guide to better fly-tying skills with 30 step-by-step lessons and tyer's techniques for nymphs, streamers, and dry flies. 224 large-format pages.
 Inventory = 1.   Order #: STAC1343 cloth$34.95.

MODERN WESTERN BASS FISHING. Garrison. Discusses live bait and artificials, surface fishing, tackle, water depths, and the best western waters. Photos, 117 pages.
Inventory = 1.Order #:  CHRO2166 paper$3.95.

NEVADA ANGLER'S GUIDE: Fish Tails in the Sagebrush. Dickerson. Describes waters with good public access and low fishing pressures--with directions, techniques, successful flies. Photos, 156 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: FRAM1091 paper$14.95.

PANFISHING. Rice. Includes spinning, fly fishing, bait, casting, ice fishing for lake, river, and stream. Photos, 320 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: STAC1334 cloth$18.95.

POPULAR FLY PATTERNS. Hellekson. A fly reference manual that includes patterns and dressings for over 800 flies: dry, nymphs, wet, larvae, shrimp, streamer, steelhead, and the new waterwalkers. 700 illustrations , 188 large-format pages.
Inventory = 2. ISBN: 0-87905-065-9. Order #: GISM2186 paper$14.95.



WHICH FLY DO I USE? by Darren Banasch .This book is a guide, for fly-fishers of all levels, to some of the best patterns that tempt trout. So, whether you buy flies, or tie your own, this book will answer the question of which fly you should use. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 48 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 1-57188-202-2. Order #: FRAM5510 paper $8.95

HATCH GUIDE FOR WESTERN STREAMS. by Jim Schollmeyer. Successful fishing on Western streams requires preparation--you need to know what insects are emerging, when and where, and which patterns best match them. Now, thanks to Jim Schollmeyer, the guessing is over. Hatch Guide for Western Streams is the third in Jim's successful ""Hatch Guide"" series. Jim covers all you need for a productive trip on Western streams: water types you'll encounter; successful fishing techniques; identifying the major hatches, providing basic background information about these insects. Information is presented in a simple, clear manner. A full-color photograph of the natural is shown on the left-hand page, complete with its characteristics, habits and habitat; the right-hand page shows three flies to match the natural, including effective fishing techniques. 4 x 5 inches; full-color; 196 pages; fantastic photographs of naturals and flies. 
Inventory =1.
ISBN: 1-57188-109-3. Order #: FRAM5497 paper$19.95


Inventory = 1. Order #: UWAS4348 paper$8.95.

THE SALMON BOOK. Sutherland. Captures the humor and character of the splendid and frequently (?) eccentric people to be found on the banks of any salmon river. Illustrated, 160 pages. Originally published by Collins.
Inventory = 1. Order #: ZZPM5840 cloth$5.98/60.

SEA RUN: Complete Guide to Fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout. Johnson. The salt and freshwater habits of this west-coast fish: preferred foods, migrating patterns and times, spinning lures and techniques, fly patterns. Color illustrations , 77 large-format pages.
Inventory = 2.
ISBN: 0-936608-01-3. Order #: FRAM6129 paper$11.95.

STEELHEAD AND SALMON: Sport Catch Statistics for Oregon, 1971--80. Berry. Data in 59 pages. Inventory = 1. Order #: FRAM6125 paper$5.00.

STEELHEAD DRIFT FISHING. Luch. How to use this most productive technique for hooking steelhead. Illustrated, 94 pages.
Inventory = 3. 
ISBN: 0-936608-00-5. Order #: FRAM6089 paper$7.95.




STEELHEAD FLY FISHING AND FLIES. Combs. Fly pattern dictionary for 200 best steelhead flies--how to tie and fish them. Color photos, 126 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-936608-03-X. Order #: FRAM6138 paper$19.95.




STEELHEAD FLY TYING MANUAL. Light. Theories, tools, and methods behind effective patterns. Color photos, 100 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1.
  ISBN: 0-936608-20-X. Order #: FRAM6140 paper$11.95.

TROUT BUM. Gierach. Flyfishing lifestyle through 20+ fishing-related stories. 224 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SISC5435 paper$11.00.





TROUT MADNESS. Traver. 21 stories from lifetime of fishing--including Secret Trout, Haunted Pond, Trout Heaven, First Day. 189 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SISC2024 paper$11.00.

TROUT MAGIC. Traver. 17 fishing stories to delight every angler. 30 illustrations,  224 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SISC1075 paper$10.00.

TROUT THE SIZE OF FOOTBALLS. Anderson. Fishing in the waters of western US, Alberta, and British Columbia. 147 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-936608-90-0. Order #: FRAM5646 paper$8.95.


TYING THE SWISHER/RICHARDS FLIES. Swisher/Richards. Revolutionary styles--no hackles, hen spinners, emergers, stillborns, floating and wiggle nymphs, pupa, minnows, and how to fish them. Illustrated, 48 large-format pages.
Inventory = 11.
ISBN:0-8117-2099-3. Order #: STAC1341 paper$9.95.




ULTRA-LITE STEELHEAD FISHING: An Introduction to Tackle and Technique. Quinn. Depicts the sport's excitement while explaining the mechanics of fly-tying, rod making, and fishing. Photos, 174 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #:  ICSB4236 paper$12.95.

THE WAYS OF TROUT. Wright. The story of wild (streambed) brook, brown, and rainbow trout in rainfed streams: evolution, life histories, effect of water currents, stream contours, and temperatures on their behavior; and how this affects taking them. 160 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: WINC2850 cloth$13.95.

HUNTING FOR THE POT, FISHING FOR THE PAN. Dalrymple. Practical ways to hunt and fish for food to eat. Photos, 336 pages.
Inventory = 4. Order #: STAC1432 cloth$16.95.




OLD TIME POSTERS FROM THE GREAT SPORTING DAYS. Stackpole. 22 handsome, turn-of-the-century posters featuring hunting/fishing magazine covers and ads in full color. 11"x16", suitable for framing. Slight bend in cover.
Inventory = 1. Order #: STAC3261 paper$19.95.

SHRIMP SHUCKER'S GUIDE. Parker. How to catch 'em, cook 'em, clean 'em, eat 'em. Delicious shrimp recipes. Drawings, 36 pages.
 Inventory = 4. Order #: SOCO1303 paper$3.95.

STEELHEADING IN NORTH AMERICA. Richey. Tackle, seasons, best rivers, fishing methods. Photos, 224 pages.
Inventory = 7. Order #: STAC1440 paper$12.95.

TYING BASS FLIES: 12 of the Best. Meyer. Covers a variety of poppers, floaters, swimmers, and divers, with detailed tying instructions. Color photos, 32 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-57188-041-0.  Order #: FRAM6136 paper$9.95.





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