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 nature field guides, John Muir 

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A THOUSAND-MILE WALK TO THE GULF. Muir. Muir's walk from Indiana across Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia to the Gulf Coast in 1867. 218 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: HOMI617 paper$9.95.

A FIELD GUIDE TO BIRDS EAST OF THE ROCKIES. Peterson. Eastern and central North America. Color illustrations, 384 pages.
Inventory = 5.
ISBN: 0-395-36164-8. Order #: HOMI614 vinyl$16.95.





A FIELD GUIDE TO BIRDS OF TEXAS AND ADJACENT STATES. Peterson. 542 birds in Texas/Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana: ranges, migration routes, habitats. Illustrated, 338 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: HOMI602 paper$21.95.

A FIELD GUIDE TO BUTTERFLIES OF EASTERN NORTH AMERICA. Klots. Peterson Field Guide. How to identify all species east of the Great Plains from Greenland to Mexico; where to find them; habits; collecting. 247 shown in color, 365 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: HOMI613 paper$16.95.

A FIELD GUIDE TO EDIBLE WILD PLANTS OF EASTERN/NORTH CENTRAL NORTH AMERICA. Peterson.  Over 370--where to find and pick, how to prepare. Color illustrations, 346 pages. Inventory = 10. Order #: HOMI0604 paper$15.95.




A FIELD GUIDE TO FERNS AND THEIR RELATED FAMILIES of Northeastern & Central North America. Cobb. Ferns, horsetails, clubmosses, spikemosses, quillworts. Over 500 illustrations, 299 pages.
Inventory =2. Order #: HOMI2263 paper$14.95.

A FIELD GUIDE TO REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS OF EASTERN/CENTRAL NORTH AMERICA. Conant. Peterson Field Guide to 574 species; ranges, habits, habitats; collecting. 472 color illustrations, 543 pages. Inventory = 2. Order #: HOMI605 paper$16.95.

A FIELD GUIDE TO PACIFIC COAST FISHES OF NORTH AMERICA. Eschmeyer, Herald, & Hammann. 600 saltwater fishes from Alaska  to Baja Ca. Over 525 illustrations,  (211 color), 448 pages. Inventory = 10. ISBN: 0-395-33188-9.  Order #: HOMI0601 paper$15.95.




A FIELD GUIDE TO PACIFIC COAST SHELLS. Morris. 945 kinds: where to find, how to prepare and arrange a collection. Illustrated, 506 pages.
Inventory = 2.
Order #: HOMI2260 paper$15.95/35

A FIELD GUIDE TO SHELLS OF THE PACIFIC COAST AND HAWAII. Morris. Illustrated, 240 pages. 1964.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: HOMI9377 cloth$12.95.

THE LITTLE RED LIGHTHOUSE AND THE GREAT GRAY BRIDGE. Swift. Lighthouse on bank of Hudson River in New  York City is overshadowed when George Washington Bridge is built, but finds it is still needed.
Inventory = 7. ISBN: 978-0-15204573-9. Order #: HOMI5302 paper$8.00




TRAVELS IN ALASKA. Muir. Records his trips of 1879 and 1880--outdoor adventures, nature observations, early travel experiences. Covers scuffed. Illustrated, 340 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: HOMI616 paper$9.95.

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