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(Inventory is stated for all items)
Order 1-9     single or mixed titles in stock--take 50% off.
Order 10-29 single or mixed titles in stock--take 60% off.
Order 30-99 single or mixed titles in stock--take 65% off.
Order 100+  single or mixed titles in stock--take 70% off.
Order all of item--take 70-90% off as shown--or make offer.

All books are new (unless noted) and in good condition (if not noted). Many are out of print and may not be available elsewhere.
Stock is limited to inventories shown, so order now before someone else gets your books! Listings are updated as stock is sold.

To order, use your form or copy white area below and paste into your word program to print (formats OK there).
Then select VistaBooks Outlet titles, noting order #s and titles in brief, plus quantities and prices--and, THANKS!

10-CENT BOOKS: Get a book for 10 cents with each VistaBooks Outlet title ordered.
Show your selection(s) on your order and note 0.10 price for each. For the many eligible titles, see 10-cent books.

Do you prefer to buy on account? See Your Account You may already have an account; if unsure we can check for you.
Or expedite your order by including a check (no credit card)  for the total. If you wish, post-date the check
say by 30 days so you get our regular "on-account" terms and have no risk to you.
Or send us your bank name and address plus two trade references along with the information on the order form above.

to VistaBooks Outlet home page

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