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BIRDS OF LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONAL PARK. Milne. Text and color photos of many birds of this California park, checklist for all species. 48 pages.
Inventory = 4. Order #: LOOM807 paper$4.50.

ERUPTIONS OF LASSEN PEAK. Loomis. A pictorial history of the Lassen Volcano, which erupted in 1914. Historical photos, 96 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: LOOM808 paper$6.95.

THE FLOWERS OF LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONAL PARK: A Field Guide. Showers. Identifies flowers by habitat groups--rocky, wet, meadow, forest, and alpine areas. Drawings, 112 pages.
Inventory = 4. Order #: LOOM2167 paper$5.25.

INDIANS OF LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONAL PARK AND VICINITY. Schulz. Beliefs, hunting, basketry of northern California people. Drawings, 182 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: LOOM806 paper$6.95.

LAKE TAHOE: the story behind the scenery. by Stanley W. Paher.    
Water sports in summer, world class ski areas in winter, high rise hotels, golf courses, casinos, and nightly entertainment surround this sky blue lake that is "millions of years deep". 9x12, 48 pages, 53 color photos & 1 map. 2008.
Inventory = 4.
ISBN: 0-88714-088-2. Order #: KCPU8113 paper$11.95.




LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONAL PARK. Comprehensive trail guide plus road guide keyed to roadside interpretive markers, with natural history, camping, and resort info. 216 pages, map.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-89997-059-1. Order #: WILD8412 paper$16.95

LASSEN NATIONAL PARK AND VICINITY Topographic Map. Wilderness Press. Wilderness permits, trails, roads, campgrounds. Scale=1:62,500; 18"x21" map.
Inventory = 1. Order #: WILD2903 map$5.00.

LASSEN TRAILS. Matteson. Brief guide to trails of Lassen Volcanic National Park. Maps, routes, 56 pages.
Inventory = 15. Order #: LOOM0804 paper$3.95.

LASSEN (Guide #6). Reedy. Outdoor guide to California's Lassen area. Photos, fold-out maps, large-format pages. 
Inventory = 1. Order #: BORE0232 paper$3.95.

LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONAL PARK. Voorhees. A photographic appreciation, plus commentary. Color photos, 48 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: LOOM0801 paper$4.00.


The Luck of Roaring Camp and Other Sketches, including Outcasts of Poker Flat and Tennessee's Partner.  by Bret Harte.
 Inventory = 21.
ISBN: 0-910584-77-X. Order #: FILT047  paper$3.95



MODOC-TULE LAKE (Guide #8). Reedy. Outdoor guide to California's northeast--fishing, hunting, boating, camping. Photos, fold-out maps, large-format pages. 
Inventory = 2. Order #: BORE0234 paper$3.95.


PACIFIC COAST TREE FINDER.: a pocket manual for identifying Pacific Coast trees. by Tom Watts. The classic key to identifying native trees of the Pacific Coast, updated to reflect changes in the accepted names of trees, especially since publication of the University of California's Jepson Manual in 1993. Key identifies native trees, and some commonly introduced non-natives, by their leaves and needles. Covers the Pacific Coast region from Baja to British Columbia. (In the deserts of Southern California, use the Desert Tree Finder.) Includes range maps and information about habitat.  64 pages, drawings.
Inventory = 16.
ISBN: 978-0-912550-27-5. Order #: NASG0979 paper$5.95.


PLUMAS-TAHOE NATIONAL FORESTS (Guide #2). Reedy. Places to fish, boat, camp, hunt, backpack. Photos, fold-out maps, large-format pages. 
Inventory = 2. Order #: BORE0229 paper$3.95.

PONDEROSA COUNTRY: A scenic and historic guide to Reno and vicinity. Paher. Trips to take around Reno, Tahoe, Pyramid Lake, Virginia  City. Historical photos, 48 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-913814-02-4. Order #: NEVA1003 cloth$14.95

ROAD GUIDE TO LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONAL PARK. Schulz. Park history and nature keyed to roadside markers. Map, color photos, 40 pages.
Inventory = 7. Order #: LOOM0810 paper$3.95.

SHASTA RECREATION GUIDE (Guide #9). Reedy. Outdoor guide to parks, museums, whitewater, trails in No. California area. Photos, fold-out maps, large-format pages. 
Inventory = 9. Order #: BORE0235 paper$3.95.



SILVER LAKE: High Sierra Hiking Guide #17. Grodin. Trail routes to area S of Lake Tahoe; maps, 96 little pages with large fold-out map dated 1976. This is the third edition of April 1983, second printing of April 1986. .
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-89997-027-3. Order #: WILD1743 paper$12.95.



Sierra Flower Finder: a guide to Sierra Nevada wildflowers

by Glenn Keator, PhD, illustrated by Valerie R. Winemiller. Key to non-woody flowering plants of the Sierra Nevada mountain range above the foothills (above about 4,000 feet.) The Sierra encompasses many habitats, from the high desert of the dry eastern slope, to the chaparral, meadows, and forests of the western slopes, and the harsh environment of the rocky alpine zone, so a wide variety of plants occurs in the area covered by this book. Illustrated with clear line drawings.  128 pages.
Inventory = 62. ISBN: 0-912550-09-0. Order #: NASG0978 paper$5.95 Out of Print; we have limited stock

SKI TOURS IN THE SIERRA NEVADA: Carson Pass, Bear Valley, and Pinecrest--volume 2. Libkind. Comprehensive guidebook to ski touring opportunities in this area, with route descriptions. Map, 132 pages.
Inventory =1. ISBN: 0-931255-01-5.
Order #: WILD4192 paper$15.95  

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