Maritime/Maritme History  



AMERICAN LIGHTHOUSES. Out of print, 1 left.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 978-0-7627-2269-3. Order #: GLPE4818 paper$$21.95.

LIGHTSHIP. Binns. Adventure novel set on historic Columbia River mouth lightship. 345 pages.
Inventory = 8.
Order #: BIMO1886 cloth$10.50.


MOUNTAINEER BATTLEWAGON: U. S. S. West Virginia (BB-48). by Myron J. Smith Jr. History from construction in 1923 to sinking in Pearl Harbor at start of World War II, salvage and rebuilding to again battle in the Pacific 1944-45 until scrapped in 1961. Includes account of predecessor ship. 1"x8 1/2", 48 large-format pages, 55 photos.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN:0-933126-16-6. Order #: PIHI2253 paper$9.95


SEA DISASTERS AND INLAND CATASTROPHES. Snow. Stories of calamity and devastation on both land and sea. Illustrated.
Inventory = 3.
Order #: DOME1891 cloth$9.95.

VICTORIAN MYTHS OF THE SEA. Behrman. Explores the importance of the sea to the English culture and national purpose historically. 188 pages.
Inventory = 8.
Order #: SWAL3243 cloth$12.95.



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