Marine Natural History: sea mammals, fishes, shells, collecting and identifying

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AMONG WHALES. Payne. Expert biologist passes on knowledge of whale types, behavior, songs, conservation. 431 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SISC6076 cloth$27.50.

THE DELICATE ART OF WHALE WATCHING. McIntyre. Story of a woman naturalist's life on a tropical island in the migratory path of whales and dolphins. Illustrated, 160 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: RAHO2763 cloth$12.50.

FAMILIAR SEASHELLS OF NORTH AMERICA. Rehder. Audubon Society Pocket Guide, arranged by shape and appearance. 80 color photos, 80 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: RAHO9719 paper$8.00.

A FIELD GUIDE TO PACIFIC COAST FISHES OF NORTH AMERICA. Eschmeyer, Herald, & Hammann. 600 saltwater fishes from Alaska  to Baja California. Over 525 illustrations,  (211 color), 448 pages.
Inventory = 10. I
SBN: 0-395-33188-9.  Order #: HOMI0601 paper$15.95.






A FIELD GUIDE TO PACIFIC COAST SHELLS. Morris. 945 kinds: where to find, how to prepare and arrange a collection. Illustrated, 506 pages.
Inventory = 2.
Order #: HOMI2260 paper$15.95/35

A FIELD GUIDE TO SHELLS OF THE PACIFIC COAST AND HAWAII. Morris. Illustrated, 240 pages. 1964.
Inventory = 1.
Order #:  HOMI9377 cloth$12.95.

GONE WHALING: A Search for Orcas in Northwest Waters. Hand. Adventures in the pursuit of killer whales. 223 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: SISC8561 cloth$20.00.

GUIDE TO SHELLS OF THE WORLD (Simon & Schuster's). Wye. 700 of world's most interesting shells; natural history, identification keys, collecting. Over 700 color photos, 192 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: SISC8861 paper$11.95.

PACIFIC INTERTIDAL LIFE. Russo. A guide to organisms of rocky reefs and tide pools of the Pacific Coast. Drawings, 64 little pages.
Inventory = 12.
Order #: NASG0985 paper$5.95.

FISHES OF CALIFORNIA AND WESTERN MEXICO: PACIFIC MARINE FISHES, Book 8 (California & Western Mexico). Burgess & Axelrod Identification guide to species in this area--for fishermen, naturalists, aquarists. Color illustrations,  large format pages.
 Inventory = 1.
Order #: TFHP6102 cloth$34.95.




Inventory = 2.
Order #: RAHO2000 vinyl$19.00.






WHALE PRIMER. Walker. Natural history of whales, especially California Gray Whale. Photos, 60 pages.
 Inventory = 8. 
ISBN: 978-0-912550- . Order #: CABR0243 paper$4.95.




NATIONAL SEASHORES: The Story Behind the Scenery. Toops. 9 areas along East and Gulf coasts--special character of barrier offshore islands with waves, dunes, plants, animals. 90 color photos, 48 large-format pages. 1987.
Inventory = 2.
ISBN: 0-88714-015-7.   ISBN: 978-0-912550- . Order #: KCPU8721 paper$9.95.

SHARKS--Shorelines of America: the story behind the scenery. Howorth. Evolution, biology, behavior, hazards. 48 large-format pages, color illus.1991.
Inventory =1. ISBN: 0-88714-049-1.  Order #: KCPU4246 paper$8.95.

SHARKS--Shorelines of America: the story behind the scenery. Howorth. Evolution, biology, behavior, hazards. 48 large-format pages, color illus. 1992.
Inventory =1. ISBN: 0-88714-063-7. Order #: KCPU4660 paper$8.95.

WHALES DOLPHINS-PORPOISES OF THE PACIFIC: shorelines of America series. Howorth. How these mammals live and breathe, food, habitat, migration, species. 48 large-format pages, color illus. 1986.
Inventory=1. ISBN: 00-916122-98-0. Order #: KCPU4488 paper$8.95.






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