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THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF MOUNTAINEERING. Moynier. Mountain challenge, equipment, judgment, leadership. Illus. 72 pages.  ISBN: 0-934802-65-3.
Inventory=3; otherwise out of print. Order #: ICSB7171 paper$4.95

THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF RESCUE FROM THE BACKCOUNTRY. Tilton. Assessing situations for rescue, methods of evacuation and transportation, improvised litters. Illustrated, 72 pages.
Inventory = 5.
Order #: ICSB7185 paper$5.99/50.





THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF ROCK CLIMBING. Strassman. Rely on technique but use safety supports; physical conditioning and mental preparation. 30 illustrations,  72 pages.
Inventory = 4.
Order #: ICSB3791 paper$5.99/50.

THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF SURVIVAL. Churchill. Skills needed to survive a few days in case of wilderness misadventure. 30 illustrations,  72 pages.
Inventory = 3.
Order #: ICSB4170 paper$5.99/50.

CAVES AND CAVING: A Handbook and Guide to American Caves--from Simply Enjoying Them to Professional Spelunking. Jacobson & Stral. Tells how caves are formed and how to explore them, plus guide to caving groups to join. Photos, 159 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: HAHO2746 paper$10.00.

CLIMBER'S GUIDE (VOLUME 2) TO NORTH AMERICA: Rocky Mountain Rock Climbs). Harlin. Covers some 500 routes at 19 areas from Montana through Colorado to Arizona. 250 photos, 25 maps, 408 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: CHOC7565 vinyl$22.00.

CLIMBING ADVENTURES: A Climber's Passion.  Bridwell. 19 accounts of world-wide ascents. Illustrated, 224 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: ICSB5286 paper$16.50.

THE COMPETENCE FACTOR: Skills that Make the Difference in Outdoor Sports. Angier. Coping with challenges of backcountry hazards, rescues. Photos, 160 pages.
Inventory = 8.
ISBN: 0-8117-2189-2. Order #: STAC1405 paper$7.95.


EXPOSURE. Outside Magazine. Stunning photographs of the outdoors, its wildlife and scenery and of outdoor sports. Color photos, 145 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: SISC6048 cloth$45.00.




FIRST AID PAMPHLET. Reprint of chapter from "Mountaineering: the Freedom of the Hills" sized to fit first aid kit.
Inventory = 3.
Order #: MOUN2664 paper$2.50.

HIGH-ADVENTURE OUTDOOR PURSUITS: Organization and Leadership. Meier, Morash & Welton. Textbook on outdoor leadership. 535 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: PUHO9645 paper$28.95.

ICECRAFT. Kingsley. Climbing on glaciers and ice cliffs--how to do it. Illustrated, 120 pages.
Inventory = 7. 
Order #: LASI0789 paper$4.95.


MOUNTAIN MEN: A History of the Remarkable Climbers and Determined Eccentrics Who First Scaled t he World's Most Famous Peaks. Conefrey and Jordan. early climbs of Mont Blanc, The Matterhorn, K2, Mount McKinley, Everest, and more. Illustrated, 281 pages.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-306-81129-4. 
Order #: MISC6589 cloth$23.00/50





MOUNTAIN PASSAGES. Bernstein. Melange of mountain travel, personalities, outdoor sport by a devotee of the alpine world. Photos, 320 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: SISC6955 paper$10.95.

OUT OF THE NOOSPHERE. Outside. Adventure, sports, travel, and the environment: the best of Outside Magazine. 480 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: SISC6020 paper$14.00.




SIVALAYA: Exploration of the 8000-meter peaks of the Himalaya. Baume. Climbing history and bibliography. Maps, drawings, 336 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-916890-71-6. Order #: MOUN0879 paper$9.95.


YOU'RE STANDING ON MY FINGERS! Lewis. Mountain climbing and adventure in the ranges of U.S. and Canada. Photos, 268 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: DARW0389 cloth$8.95.

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