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AMC WHITEWATER HANDBOOK. Urban. Latest advances in basic canoe and kayak technique--river running, crossing currents, eddies, paddling. 198 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: GLPE2499 paper$6.95.

THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF CANOE PADDLING. Roberts. Strokes, maneuvering in whitewater and quiet water; hull design. Illustrated, 72 pages.
Inventory = 6. Order #:  ICSB5257 paper$5.99/50.

THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF CANOE POLING. Rock. Body positioning, pole recovery, rudder action. Illustrated, 72 pages.
Inventory = 4. Order #: ICSB5256 paper$4.95.

THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF CANOEING. Jacobson. Techniques and design tips for safe and enjoyable canoeing. 30 illustrations,  72 pages.
Inventory = 5. Order #: ICSB2377 paper$6.95.

THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF KAYAKING WHITEWATER. Kalner & Jackson. Technique, terms, paddling tips, equipment. Illustrated, 72 pages.
Inventory = 6. Order #: ICSB2575 paper$5.99/50.

THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF RAFTING. Ellison. Types of rafts, rating rapids, safety, rowing, paddling. Illustrated, 72 pages.
Inventory = 9. Order #: ICSB7172 paper$5.99/50.



THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF SEA KAYAKING. Wyatt. Getting started in coastal exploration--packing tips, photography, safety. Illustrated, 72 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: ICSB2576 paper$6.95.

THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF SOLO CANOEING. Jacobson. Selecting canoes and equipment for solo trips, developing paddle strokes. Illustrated, 72 pages.
Inventory = 6. Order #: ICSB7193 paper$4.95.



THE BASIC SWIMMING GUIDE. Groscost. The book develops, stage-by-stage the process of beginner swimming and hits most of the problems encountered along the way. Drawings, 101 pages.
Inventory = 8. Order #: MACM3208 paper$3.95.




CANOE TRIPPING WITH CHILDREN: Unique Advice to Keeping Kids Comfortable. Harrisons. Diversions that will avoid frustrations, while learning environmental ethics. Illustrated, 160 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: ICSB2568 paper$9.95.

CANOE TRIPPING WITH KIDS. Harrison. Explains where to get maps and information, what and how to pack, canoe selection, paddling strokes, portaging; new types of food and equipment for all ages. Photos, diagrams, 212 pages.
Inventory =3. Order #: STGR3328 paper$9.95.

THE DIGEST BOOK OF CANOEING . Farmer. Equipment, paddling, poling, portaging, reading water, where to canoe. 96 large-format pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: DBIB0353 paper$3.95.

CANOEING AND CAMPING: Beyond the Basics. Jacobson. Tips for paddle strokes, portaging methods, avoiding hazards, rescue, special camping tricks. 46 drawings, 196 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: ICSB5253 paper$14.95.

CANOEING WILD RIVERS. Jacobson. Primer to North American expedition canoeing: rigging, covers, carriers, portage, planning, salvage, gear, and recipes. 130 illustrations,  355 pages.
Inventory = 3.Order #:  ICSB1345 paper$24.95.



THE FAMILY CANOE TRIP. Sheperdson. 6,000 mile 3-summer odyssey from NH to Alaska , handling trip logistics for 2 children. Illustrated, 308 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: ICSB6516 paper$14.95.

KAYAKING THE VERMILLION SEA: Eight Hundred Miles Down the Baja. Waterman. A sea kayak journey and its adventures in Baja California, Mexico. Photos, 223 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SISC0104 cloth$22.00.

MALO'S COMPLETE GUIDE TO CANOEING AND CANOE-CAMPING. Malo. Information on canoe types, paddling skills, portaging, loading, boarding, accessories. Illustrated. Originally published at $6.95.
Inventory = 1. Order #: ZZBT5211 paper$6.95.

RIVER NOTES. Notebook with pre-printed form pages for logging details of trips. 160 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-89886-053-8. Order #: MOUN2669 vinyl$4.95.

THE WHITE-WATER RIVER BOOK: A Guide to Techniques, Equipment, Camping, and Safety. Watters. Detailed instructions on kayaking and rafting ; how to choose equipment, reading the river, mounting rescues and making emergency repairs, and planning extended trips. 192 photos, 204 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1.  Order #: PASE2914 paper$12.95.



WHITEWATER CANOEING. Sandreuter. Canoe selection, paddling, portaging, recovery. Also includes reading a river, knots, use of map and compass, weather, rescue. Photos, 224 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: STOE1461 paper$5.95.

WILD RIVERS OF NORTH AMERICA. Jenkinson. Guide to wilderness river running of over 100 waterways grouped by region, with in-depth accounts of 8 including Yukon River and Rio Grande. Photos, maps, 409 pages. Originally published at $11.50 by Dutton.
Inventory = 1. Order #: ZZPM3149 paper$11.50.

WILDWATER: The Sierra Club Guide to Kayaking and Whitewater Boating. Tejada-Flores. Step-by-step approach to learning kayaking. Photos, 334 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: RAHO1187 paper$12.00.

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141 DIVES in Washington and British Columbia.
Inventory = 2. Order #: PASE4491 paper$14.95.

THE BIG BOOK OF SAILING. Grube. Essays on sailors, ships, and sea--sailing origins, racing & records, solo sailing, exploring. Color photos, 309 large-format pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: BARR1883 cloth$49.95.


EXPLORING UNDERWATER: The Sierra Club Guide to Scuba and Snorkeling. Culliney & Crockett. Includes diving physiology, learning, diving from shore or boat, sub-surface navigating, kelp forest diving. Illustrated, 340 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: RAHO1188 paper$15.00.

Inventory = 1. Order #: RAMC3691 paper$3.95.

LEARN TO SAIL. Jones. Theory, getting ready, equipment, and sailing. Illustrated, 72 pages.
Inventory = 35. 
ISBN:0-528-81026-X.   Order #: RAMC1179 paper$4.95.


THE NEW SCIENCE OF SKIN AND SCUBA DIVING. CNCA By the Council for National Cooperation in Aquatics. Covers basic equipment, compressed air, skills, marine life and environment, medical facts, first aid, physical and proficiency levels needed. Illustrated, 320 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: WINC2843 paper$10.95.


OUR LAST CHANCE: Sixty-six Deadly Days Adrift. Butlers. A sailboat, on a trip around the world when sunk by whales, turns into a drift at sea in a 6-foot plastic liferaft. 323 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: EXMA6023 paper$14.50.

SCUBA DIVING IN SAFETY AND HEALTH. Dueker. Covers proper technique and gear, underwater environment and its effects on humans. Illustrated, 224 pages.  Originally published by Diving Safety Digest.
Inventory = 2. Order #: ZZPM5841 paper$11.95.

Inventory = 1. Order #: MACM3523 paper$6.95.

UNDERWATER SWIMMING. Emmett. Introduction to techniques from snorkeling through SCUBA  diving; equipment, physiological effects of diving, hazards and safety, activities to consider. Photos, 120 pages.
Inventory = 3.  Order #: STER3242 cloth$12.95.

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THE BICYCLE: A Commuting Alternative. Wolfe. A manual to help bicyclists travel around town, with practical riding suggestions that will help keep you fit and reduce pollution. Illustrated, 160 pages. "
Inventory = 7. Order #: SIGN3032 paper$7.95.




BICYCLE FRAMES. Kossack. Tells about frame design, construction, and performance and how to tell quality and to measure your correct size. Illustrated, 47 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3029 paper$3.95.

THE BICYCLE REPAIR BOOK. Van der Plas. Complete maintenance instructions for all bikes, from ten-speeds to tandems.
Inventory = 1. Order #: KAMP4302 paper$7.95.

BICYCLING: A Guinness Superlatives Guide. Durry. A history of bicycles and riding, with notes on accomplishments and special feats, including racing performances. Color photos, 222 large-format pages.
Inventory = 5.  Order #: STER3028 cloth$19.95.




BIKE-WAYS: 101 Things to Do with a Bike. Frankel. Presents ideas for bicycle games, trips and tours, bike camping, and gives instruction for selecting a bike and its accessories, bicycle safety, and care and repair. Photos, 128 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: STER3166 cloth$6.95.

ALL-TERRAIN BIKES. Bicycling Magazine. Explains this new style of bike design. Illustrated, 96 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: RODA2376 paper$4.95.

AMERICAN BIKING ATLAS & TOURING GUIDE (THE). Browder. Presents 150 vacation and weekend tours throughout all 50 states and Canada--with points of interest, campsites, distances, country stores, and bike shops. Maps, illustrations , 348 large-format pages.
Inventory = 5. Order #: WORK3034 paper$7.95.


AROUND-TOWN CYCLING. Pruden. Considerations for riding a bicycle in the city; selecting your bike and its accessories, maintenance, lightening the load. Illustrated, 109 pages.
Inventory = 16. Order #: MACM3030 paper$5.95.





BACKCOUNTRY BIKEPACKING. Sanders. Techniques and equipment for lightweight bicycle camping. Illustrated, 300 pages.
Inventory = 7.
ISBN:0-8117-2258-9. Order #: STAC1457 paper$9.95.




THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF BICYCLE TOURING. Nicoson. Travel under your own power on a bicycle built for you and know about accessories, clothing, conditioning, loading. Drawings, 72 pages.
Inventory = 2.  Order #: ICSB8804 paper$5.99.

THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF MOUNTAIN BIKING. Strassman. Make trips safe, comfortable; use of bike and rig. 26 illustrations, 72 pages.
Inventory = 7.Order #:  ICSB4081 paper$6.95.

THE BEST BIKE PATHS OF NEW ENGLAND. Williams. Safe, scenic, and traffic-free bicycling. Illustrated, 208 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SISC8426 paper$11.00.

THE BEST BIKE PATHS OF THE SOUTHWEST. Williams. Safe, scenic, and traffic-free bicycling. Illustrated, 222 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SISC8425 paper$11.00.

COMPLETE BOOK OF BICYCLING. Sloane. Bible of bicycles and bicycling, including all-terrain bikes, safety, fitness, history, mechanics, repair. Illustrated, 542 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SISC9291 paper$15.95.

THE CYCLIST'S MANUAL. Colligan. A complete book dealing with buying a bike, touring, racing, maintenance and repair, choosing accessories. Illustrated, 160 pages.
Inventory =10.
ISBN: 0-5069-7570-9. Order #: STER3027 paper$7.95.

MOUNTAIN BIKING FOR MERE MORTALS. Hodgson. Humorous guide to riding techniques, preventing injuries, etiquette. 30 illustrations , 96 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: ICSB5255 paper$6.95.

SLOANE'S COMPLETE BOOK OF BICYCLING. Sloane. The cyclist's bible, with latest equipment, technology, maintenance of touring, mountain, hybrid bikes. Photos, 429 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SISC6071 paper$15.95.


TRAVELLING BY BIKE. World. Explains how to do long-distance trips by bicycle--kinds of bikes, highway riding, places to sleep, desert and mountain riding, basic resistances. Illustrated, 90 pages.
Inventory = 7. Order #: MACM3031 paper$3.95.




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THE COMPLETE MARATHONER. Runner's World. The ultimate book about the ultimate sport that has swept the world up into a frenzy of fitness, speed, endurance and celebration of the human spirit.
Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3067 paper$8.95.

Inventory = 1. Order #: MACM3050 paper$6.95.

Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3040 paper$5.95.

Inventory = 2. Order #: STGR3042 paper$7.95.

Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3039 paper$5.95.

Inventory = 2. Order #: MACM3379 paper$4.95.

Inventory = 1. Order #: MACM3384 paper$5.95.

RUNNER'S WORLD ADVANCED INDOOR EXERCISE BOOK. Benyo. Instructional Book 7: Ambitious exercise programs for the home, including the use of treadmills, exercise cycles, strength training apparatus, and free exercise.
Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3070 paper$9.95.

RUNNER'S WORLD INDOOR EXERCISE BOOK. Benyo. Instructional Book 2: A comprehensive program of exercise and fitness for the home, office and health spa.
Inventory = 4. Order #: MACM3069 paper$9.95.

RUNNER'S WORLD YOGA BOOK. Couch. Instructional Book 1: Stretching and strengthening exercises for runners and other athletes.
Inventory = 2. Order #: MACM3068 paper$9.95.

THE RUNNING FOOT DOCTOR. Subotnick. Explains how the fight against foot trouble is being waged and how runners can improve their chances of piling up pain-free miles.
Inventory = 6. Order #: MACM3064 paper$4.95.




Inventory = 1. Order #: MACM3387 paper$6.95.

RUNNING WITH MAN'S BEST FRIEND. Gallup. Tips on how best to run with your dog, plus insights on how well different dog breeds run. Illustrated, 117 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: ALPI5386 paper$7.98/70.

SERIOUS RUNNER'S HANDBOOK: Answers to Hundreds of Your Running Questions. Osler.
Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3037 paper$5.95.

TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO RUNNING IN MAJOR AMERICAN CITIES. Sloane. Over 60 measured jogging routes in 20 of the most visited cities in the US--for travelers who want to stay in shape while on the road for business or pleasure. Photos, 224 pages.
Inventory = 11.
ISBN: 0-8117-2091-8.  Order #: STAC3277 paper$9.95.   


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BODY ENERGY. Skinner. How much energy do you have? How can you use it to the fullest? How can you increase your body's energy?
Inventory = 4. Order #: ANWO3065 paper$5.95.

BREAST CARE: Fit Self-Improvement Series #2. Souza.
Inventory = 2. Order #: ANWO3473 paper$7.95.

CALIFORNIA DIET and Exercise Program. Wood. Provides for the right food intake along with a more active lifestyle of exercise so that weight is lost even though more food is eaten. Includes calorie lists, recipes. 288 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3329 $13.95.

THE COMPLETE DIET GUIDE FOR RUNNERS & OTHER ATHLETES. Higdon. Tells all you need to know about the principles and practices of nutrition from athletic drinks and carbohydrate-loaders to vitamin supplements and vegetarians. Diagrams, 252 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3333 paper$7.95.

THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO PHYSICAL FITNESS. Kiell & Frelinghuysen. Provides a total health and fitness program--exercise plus running--especially for the person who hasn't exercised lately. Photos, 289 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: STOE3556 paper$5.95.

THE COMPLETE DIET GUIDE FOR RUNNERS & OTHER ATHLETES. Higdon. Tells all you need to know about the principles and practices of nutrition from athletic drinks and carbohydrate-loaders to vitamin supplements and vegetarians. Diagrams, 252 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3333 paper$7.95.

Inventory = 3. Order #: MISC3114 paper$6.95.

DIET IN SPORT. Paish. Directed mainly at coaches, trainers and managers of people competing in sport at the highest possible level.
Inventory = 5. Order #: EPPU3831 paper$6.95.



FEEL YOUNGER, LIVE LONGER. Rand McNally. Health and fitness for all ages.
 Inventory = 1. Order #: RAMC3111 paper$7.95.

FITNESS AFTER FORTY. Higdon. How to get into shape and how to stay in shape for the best years in your life.
Inventory = 2. Order #: MACM3421 paper$5.95.

FOOT CARE BOOK. Zamzow. A Runner's World book with all the information you need to properly heal and care for your underrated, overused weary soles.
Inventory = 2. Order #: MACM3062 paper$9.95.

HEALTH AND FITNESS. Astrand. How to get back into shape and stay that way through aerobics. Photos, 111 pages.
Inventory = 4. Order #: BARR3173 paper$4.95.

Inventory = 1. Order #: MISC3718 paper$8.95.

LIVING LONGER AND BETTER: Guide to Optimal Health. Elrick et al .    Move to People * Science or also copy there
Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3542 paper$5.95.

OUTDOOR WOMAN'S GUIDE TO SPORTS, FITNESS AND NUTRITION (THE). Maughan & Collins. Physiology and nutrition in outdoor sports. Photos, 288 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: STAC1403 cloth$15.95.

WALK, DON'T DIE: How to Stay Fit, Trim, & Healthy Without Killing Yourself. Stutman. Presents solid, irrefutable medical evidence on how jogging, strenuous exercises, fad diets, and sedentary life-styles can cause disease, disability, and even death. Illustrated, 255 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: MEMA6282 paper$9.95.

WEIGHT CONTROL BOOK. Nash. A guide to ignoring the fad diets by getting directly to the problem by learning the psychology of thin. Photos, 168 pages.
Inventory = 5. Order #: MACM3229 cloth$9.95.




MORE (team sports, golf, roller skating, sky diving/soaring/hang-gliding/soaring, gymnastics, more)
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Inventory = 2. Order #: WORK3386 paper$6.95.

Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3185 paper$6.95.

BETTER ROLLER SKATING: The Key to Improved Performance. Arnold. Basic steps and positions, curves, turns, edges, and cross-overs. Illustrated, 93 pages. Inventory = 1. Order #: STER3389 paper$4.95.

THE COMPLETE BOOK OF RACQUETBALL. Keeley. A comprehensive guide to the sport for novice and intermediate by a leading professional and instructor.
Inventory = 6. Order #: DBIB3057 paper$11.95.



Inventory = 4. Order #: WORK3101 paper$6.95.

Inventory = 1. Order #: STER3380 cloth$7.95.

MEN'S GYMNASTICS. Wiley. A complete guide to the men's all-around events, from beginning to championship levels.
Inventory = 3. Order #: MACM3051 paper$7.95.

THE OFFICIAL SOCCER BOOK OF THE UNITED STATES SOCCER FEDERATION. Chyzowych. Complete discussion of fundamentals and advanced strategy, plus fitness and training. Over 300 illustrations , 256 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: RAMC3107 paper$9.95.

THE PGA CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT. May. Children's book of facts.
Inventory = 2.  Order #: MISC3817 cloth$8.95.

REACH FOR THE SKY: The Romance and Techniques of Hang-Gliding. Severance.
 Inventory = 4.  Order #: JALM3392 paper$6.00.

SKY DIVING. Beckmann. 200+ photos of what its like and discusses everything you need to know about sky diving.Photos,87 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: MISC3219 paper$7.95.

SKYDIVING BOOK. Fensch. A treasury of the best writing ever on the thrills, humor, and mystique of skydiving. Illustrated, 208 pages.
Inventory = 5. Order #: ANWO3223 paper$11.95.

SOARING FOR DIAMONDS: Flying for the Highest International Soaring Emblem. OP. Lincoln. Account of the world of soaring. 25 photos, 223 pages.
Inventory = 1.Order #:  NOLA3221 paper$3.95.

SPORTS-VISION: Dr. Revien's eye exercise program for athletes. Revien.
Inventory = 5. Order #: WORK3059 paper$4.95.



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