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 ANIMAL FRIENDS OF GRAND TETON. Hubbard. Stories by national park ranger-naturalist about animals and national parks and forests and why we need them, for children. 32 pages.
Inventory = 6.
 Order #: AWAN5498 paper$4.95.




Inventory = 1.
Order #: YELL5135 cloth$25.00.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 978-1-56037-2. Order #: FARC6641 paper$12.95.

JACKSON HOLE: Crossroads of the West. Wienecke.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 978-1-5603-7-096-3. Order #: FARC6644 paper$9.95.

Inventory = 1.  
ISBN: 978-1-56037-157-1. Order #: FARC6647 paper$12.95Order #: FARC6647 paper$11.95.

WHO POOPED IN THE PARK? Grand Teton National Park Scat and Tracks for Kids. Robson.
Inventory =1.
ISBN:  978-1-56037-280-6. Order #: FARC6654 paper$9.95.

WHO POOPED IN THE PARK? Yellowstone National Park Scat and Tracks for Kids. Robson.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 978-1-56037-27-3.8. Order #: FARC6655 paper$11.95.

GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK. Great Mountain West Supply. Pictorial introduction to this Wyoming park. Color photos, map, 32 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: GRMW9142 paper$4.95.

GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK: Where Lightning Walks. McNulty. Photographic appreciation of seasons, wildflowers, wildlife, mountains. Color photos, 72 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: GRTE696 paper$19.95.

GRAND TETON: A Wish You Were Here Postcard Book. Sierra Press. 15 postcards each with interpretive information, in book format. Color.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-939365-12-X. Order #: SIER3391 paper$4.95.

GRAND TETON: The Story Behind the Scenery (WY). Crandall. Mountains, wildlife of Wyoming National park, climbing, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, photography. 70 color photos, 48 large-format pages.
Inventory =8.
ISBN: 0-916122-22-0. 1978.  Order #: KCPU4043 paper$8.95.

GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK--a photographic and comprehensive guide. Yandell. Scenery, wildlife, history, roads, hikes, maps. 68 large-format pages, color illus. 1976.
Inventory=1. No ISBN. Order #: WOWI4544 paper$7.95

HIKING THE YELLOWSTONE BACKCOUNTRY. Bach. Sierra Club totebook. Trail guide with traveling tips on routes, mileages. Photos, maps, 238 pages.
Inventory = 2.
 Order #: RAHO1212 vinyl$9.95.



Inventory = 1.
 Order #: RAHO7111 paper$10.00.

JACKSON HOLE JOURNAL. Burt. Account of this Wyoming valley near Grand Teton National Park, 1910-1970. Photos, 231 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: UOKL1640 cloth$17.95.

OLD YELLOWSTONE DAYS. Schullery. Park visits by notables: Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, Rudyard Kipling, John Burroughs, others; includes their impressions. Photos, 266 pages.
Inventory = 1.
Order #: UPCO2277 paper$9.95.

ROADSIDE GEOLOGY OF THE YELLOWSTONE COUNTRY. William J. Fritz. "Highly recommended for anyone with even a passing interest in geology and in planning a trip to the park." —Wyoming Library Roundup. The geologic story of the Yellowstone Country begins with rocks 2.7 billion years old that are mashed remnants of even older rocks, and continues with processes that shape the land surface today. Striking evidence lies along the park roads and highways leading to the north, south, east, and west entrances to Yellowstone Park. Illustrated, 160 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-87842-170-X. Order #: MOPR9049 paper$12.00





SKI TOURING IN NORTHERN YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. Barber. Guide to shorter trips in Mammoth/Lamar areas: waxing, winter dangers, animal safety. Drawings, 24 pages.
Inventory = 2.
Order #: YELL1838 paper$3.95.

SNOW COUNTRY. Fuller & Schmidt. Autumn, winter, and spring in Yellowstone. Color illustrations,  48 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: YELL1827 paper$4.95.

YELLOWSTONE COUNTRY: Voices And Photographs. Phillips. Passages from park's written history are coupled with modern photographs and drawings. Illustrated, 95 large-format pages.
Inventory = 19.
 Order #: PHIL2145 paper$6.95.



YELLOWSTONE: the story behind the scenery. Anderson &  Anderson. Wildlife, geology, geysers, scenery, history of this great national park. 48 large-format pages, color photos. 2020.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 978-0-88714-140-9.  Order #: KCPU4097 paper$8.95.  

YELLOWSTONE: the story behind the scenery. Crandall. Wildlife and geysers of this great national park,  plus history and geology. 48 large-format pages, color illus. 1994 Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-916122-21-2. . Order #: KCPU4958 paper$8.95

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK map. Trails Illustrated. Contour and trail map. Folded.
Inventory = 2. 
Order #: YELL1821 waterproof$4.95.

YELLOWSTONE IN PICTURES: the continuing story. Robinsons. The national park's landscape and wildlife features are shown in photography with extended captions Includes recreational activties. 48 large-format pages, color illus. Inventory = 1. ISBN:0-88714-047-5.1990. Order #: KCPU4947  paper$8.95



YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. Radlauer. Factual text highlights this park's history and geography.
Color photos and maps, 48p. For grades 4-5 (age 8 up).
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-516-47487-1. Order #: CHIL5723 paper$4.95.



YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK topographic map. US Geological Survey. Wyoming. Folded.
Inventory = 7. Order #: USGS9624 map$4.00.

Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 1-57488-044-5. Order #: FRAM5027 paper$12.95.

YELLOWSTONE SKETCHES. Dunmire. Set of 12 sketches capturing essence of the park, with descriptions. Folio.
Inventory = 1. Order #: YELL1826 paper$4.95.

YELLOWSTONE SPORT FISHES. Simon. A portfolio of 13 color plates of fishes, suitable for framing, 8"x10" watercolor prints, with text.
Inventory = 1. Order #: ELL1842 paper$7.95.

THE YELLOWSTONE STORY, Vol. I. Haines. Park history from mountain men to park pioneers. Historical photos, 405 pages. Also see Vol. 2.
Inventory = 3. Order #: UPCO0318 paper$12.95.



Inventory = 1. Order #: UPCO4460 cloth$15.00.

THE YELLOWSTONE STORY, Vol. II. Haines. Park history as tourism grows. Historical photos, 562 pages. Also see Vol. I.
Inventory = 1. Order #: UPCO0319 paper$12.95.

YELLOWSTONE TRAILS--A Hiking Guide. Marschall. Backcountry guide covering over 2 million acres and 1,000 miles of trails. Illustrated, maps, 120 pages.
 Inventory = 6. Order #: YELL1832 paper$5.95.

YELLOWSTONE: the story behind the scenery. Anderson &  Anderson. Wildlife, geology, geysers, scenery, history of this great national park. 48 large-format pages, color photos. 2020.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 978-0-88714-140-9.  Order #: KCPU4097 paper$11.95

GRAND TETON IN PICTURES: the continuing story. Gilmore. Photo interpretaton of park with extended captions: glaciers, peaks, scenery, wildlife, plants. 48 large-format pages, color illus.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-88714-084-X. 1995. Order #: KCPU4529 paper$8.95





YELLOWSTONE/TETON WIT game. Card game of questions tests your knowledge of these adjacent national parks, while answers educate you about them. 108 color cards.
Inventory = 1.
 Order #: INMA5847 box$7.95.

YELLOWSTONE: A Wish You Were Here Book. Wilsons & Nicholas. Special places of national park, with text for each. Includes mailer. 47 color photos, 48 pages.
Inventory = 2.
ISBN: 0-939365-08-1.  Order #: SIER4257 paper$4.95.

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