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contents of "Alaska & Northwest"

contents of "Alaska & Northwest" page

103 HIKES IN SOUTHWESTERN BRITISH COLUMBIA. Macaree. Covers U.S. border to Lytton, including Garibaldi Park. Maps, photos, 224 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-916890-96-1. Order #: MOUN0860 paper$12.95.

ADAK ISLAND MAP AND OUTDOOR RECREATION GUIDE. Alaska Natural History Association. Describes wildlife and recreation on this Alaska island. Map.
Inventory = 1. Order #: ALAS8355 map$3.95.

ALASKA'S PARKLANDS: The Complete Guide. Simmerman. Over 100 state and National park and wild areas--terrain, scenery, camping, facilities. Photos, maps, 336 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-89889-053-9. Order #: MOUN0865 paper$18.95.

ALASKA'S WILDERNESS RAILS: from the taiga to the tundra. Brovald. A pictorial review of the Alaska railroad. 159 photos, 112 large-format pages.
Inventpry = 1.
ISBN: 0-933126-21-2.  Order #: PIHI2792 paper$9.95. Out of print; we have 1 copy left

ALASKA, THE YUKON AND BRITISH COLUMBIA GHOST TOWNS. Florin. Histories of 22 old cities--mining, railroading, lumbering, boating economies; floods, fires, religion, daily living. Historical photos, 72 large-format pages.
Inventory = 8. Order #: DARW0393 paper$5.95.



ALASKA-YUKON HANDBOOK. Stanley. A gypsy guide to the Inside Passage and beyond. Maps, illustrations, 230 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: MOON2010 paper$7.95.

ANTHROPOLOGICAL SURVEY IN ALASKA. Hrdlicka. Extract from 1930 Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology. Includes archeology, origin and antiquity of Eskimo, physical anthropology. Illustrated, 355 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SHOR4090 paper$40.00.

ATNATNAS; Natives of Copper River, Alaska. Allen. Brief description of this tribe reprinted from 1886 Smithsonian Institute Report. 12 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SHOR3885 paper$3.95.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: An Explorer's Guide. McKeever. Definitive guidebook to all attractions. Photos, maps, 192 large-format pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: CHRO0154 paper$8.95.

THE CENTRAL ESKIMO. Boas. Reprint of 1884-85 Bureau of American Ethnology report. Drawings, 270 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SHOR3360 paper$29.95.

CRATER LAKE IN PICTURES: the continuing story. Mark. Enjoy Crater Lake's deep blue water, jagged cliffs, and whimsical wizard's hat.  Witness the seasonal color changes around this lake that bears testimony to a volcano's violent past. 48 large-format pages, 76 color photos & 1 map.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-88714-109-9. 1996. Order #: KCPU4739 paper$11.95.

CRATER LAKE: gem of the cascades. Cranson. Geological story of this national park. Photos, diagrams, maps.
Inventory = 1. ISBN:0-8323-0426-3. Order # BIMO0225 paper$5.95

DENALI: The Story Behind the Scenery (AK). Buskirk. Glaciers, mountain climbing, wildlife, park history of Alaska National park. 57 color photos, 48 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-916122-23-9. 1982. Order #: KCPU0723 paper$8.95.




EXPLORING MANNING PARK. Harcombe.  Guide to trails, accesses, park facilities of this British Columbia park. Maps, photos, 96 pages.
Inventory = 8.
ISBN: C0-916890-76-7. Order #: MOUN0867 paper$6.95.




EXPLORING THE YUKON RIVER. Satterfield. Guidebook for paddlers from headwaters 500 miles to Dawson City--historic spots, equipment and organization for a long-distance river run. Maps, photos, 143 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-916890-80-5. Order #: MOUN0868 paper$10.95.

FLY PATTERNS OF ALASKA. Alaska Flyfishers. How to tie them, where and how to fish the best ones. Color photos, 88 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-936608-13-7. Order #: FRAM6097 paper$19.95.

GLACIER BAY: The Land and the Silence. Bohn. History and natural of Alaska  national monument. Color photos, 159 pages.
Inventory = 6. Order #: ALAS1882 paper$5.00.



THE GOLD HUSTLERS. Green. Scheming for control of the Yukon mines. Photos, 355 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: ALNO6084 paper$7.95.

A GUIDE TO ALASKAN SEABIRDS. Stromsen. 37 common Alaskan marine birds. Illustratons, maps, 40 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: ALAS8354 paper$4.00.

HIKING IN MUIR INLET: Glacier Bay National Monument, Alaska. Elder. Natural history and hiking information to this wilderness for day hikes and backcountry camping. Photos, 40 pages.
Inventory = 5. Order #: ALAS2242 paper$3.95.

THE IRON TRAIL. Beach. 1910 novel of first railroad in Alaska. 288 pages.
 Inventory = 3. Order #: COMS0333 paper$4.95.

THE LAST FRONTIER: A History of the Yukon Basin of Canada and Alaska. Webb.
Inventory = 1. Order #: UNEM5885 paper$12.95.

LIFELINE TO THE YUKON: A History of Yukon River Navigation. Anderson. Chronicles boating in the far North for over a century to mines, small settlements, camps, military operations. Includes stories of wrecks and fires, negotiating narrows. Color and b/w photos, 152 large-format pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: DARW2955 cloth$27.50.

MOUNT McKINLEY: A Climber's Guide (Map). Cowals. Details all major climbing routes, in English and Japanese. Color, 22"x35" shipped folded.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-89886-020-2. Order #: MOUN2672 map$4.95.

MOUNT RAINIER: The Story Behind the Scenery (WA). Snow.  Washington National park--volcano, glaciers, wildlife, man. 74 color photos, 48 large-format pages.  1990.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-916122-83-2. Order #: KCPU4085 paper$8.95.





MY MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS. Shield. Biography of Texan who sought gold in Alaska. Photos, 324 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: ALPR3802 cloth$15.95.

NATIONAL PARKS: Treasures of Alaska. Dunmire.
Inventory = 1. Order #: ALAS9208 $4.95.

NORTWEST TRAILS. Spring. Overview-guidebook to 73 park, wilderness areas in WY, MT, ID, NoCA, OR, WA, BC, Canadian Rockies. 192 pages.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-89886-037-7. Order #: MOUN0893paper$9.95.

SKETCHES OF AN EXCURSION TO SOUTHERN ALASKA: 1881. Lindsley. Observations on an early voyage. 73 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SHOR4360 paper$4.95.

SLED DOGS OF DENALI. Kogl. History of dog sledding in Alaska and modern use by today's park rangers; equipment; care of dogs. Illustrated, 20 pages.
Inventory = 6. Order #: ALAS2241 paper$3.95.

SOUTHEAST: ALASKA'S PANHANDLE. Henning. Nature, jobs, artwork, and village histories. Color photos, map, 191 large-format pages.
Inventory = 4. Order #: ALNO6078 paper$12.95.



THE STUDENT'S GUIDE TO THE BEST SUMMER JOBS IN ALASKA. Groves. Lists names and addresses of major companies in over 20 areas, gives information on living conditions around fishing ports and canneries, and tells what to see and do in this frontier state. Maps, 160 pages.
 Inventory = 1. Order #: KAMP2171 paper$7.95.

A TOURIST GUIDE TO MOUNT McKINLEY. Washburn. Mile by mile through Alaska  National park (Denali)--climbing records, history, nature. Color photos, maps, 80 large-format pages
Inventory =10. Order #: ALNO6085 paper$5.95.




TRAVELS IN ALASKA. Muir. Records his trips of 1879 and 1880--outdoor adventures, nature observations, early travel experiences. Covers scuffed. Illustrated, 340 pages.
 Inventory = 1. Order #: HOMI616 paper$9.95.

WONDER LAKE TO MULDROW GLACIER (Map). Large-scale 1:24,000) map of trails, historic climbing route for Mt. McKinley approach. 12"x24" shipped folded.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-89886-010-5. Order #: MOUN2674 map$10.95.

WRANGELL-SAINT ELIAS: International Mountain Wilderness. Henning. History and nature, mining, mountain climbing, sport fishing of Alaska  park. Color photos, map, 144 large-format pages.
Inventory = 9.
ISBN: 0-88240-149-1. Order #: ALNO6074 paper$9.95.




YUKON GHOST TOWN ATLAS. Locates 71 ghost towns, forts, etc, and gives their history. 21 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SUFI9433 paper$4.95.

YUKON RIVER STEAMBOATS: A Pictorial History. by Stan Cohen Cohen. No other river on the continent has had such a long and diverse history of steamboating. The author has gathered photos and drawings from archives in the U.S. and Canada into the most complete collection yet published, from the elegant boats of the 1890s to the complete restoration of the "Klondike" that is on display at Whitehorse. Nowhere else on the continent was there such a proliferation of steamboats and for so long a period of time as on the Yukon River. The river was home to boats of one kind or another for close to 90 years, and the era did not end until 1955, long after the other river systems had switched to more economical means of river transportation. 8-1/2x11, 128 pages., 155 photos,  128 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-933126-19-0. Order #: PIHI2796 paper$11.95.


YUKON SOLO. Dohnal. Tale of solo canoe trip down the 1,930-mile Yukon River, in 66 days.
Inventory = 1. Order #: BIMO6566 paper$8.95.

109 WALKS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA'S LOWER MAINLAND. Macaree. Covers Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Cultus Lake, Chilliwack River, Silver/Skagit, Hope, Howe Sound, Squamish/Pemberton, and  Schelt areas. Maps, photos, 240 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-89886-068-7. Order #: MOUN0871 paper$10.95.

contents of this "Alaska & Northwest" page

100 HIKES IN THE NORTH CASCADES. Spring & Manning. Trail details from Stevens Pass to Canada, including North Cascades National Park. Maps, photos, 240 pages. Out of print.
 Inventory = 4.
ISBN: 0-89886-102-0. Order #: MOUN870 paper$10.95.





35 HIKING TRAILS: Columbia River Gorge. Lowe. Mileages and routes for Oregon area. Photos, maps, 80 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: TOUC1499 paper$8.95.

AN ANGLER'S ASTORIA. Hughes. Steelhead, trout, and salmon fishing in Oregon. Illustrated, 177 pages.

AN ANGLER'S ASTORIA. Hughes. Steelhead, trout, and salmon fishing in Oregon. Illustrated, 177 pages.
Inventory = 2.
  ISBN: 0-936608-19-6. Order #: FRAM6090 paper$9.95.



Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 1-932098-31-0. Order #: WIAP6574 paper$29.95.



BACKYARD WILDERNESS. Knibb. Story of 8-year struggle to achieve wilderness status for the Alpine Lakes. 234 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-89886-029-6. Order #: MOUN2661 cloth$17.50.

BEND IN CENTRAL OREGON. Hatton. Traces growth and development of this city and examines its geographical setting. Illustrated, 160 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: BIMO5596 paper$9.95.

CLIMBER'S GUIDE TO THE OLYMPIC MOUNTAINS. Olympic Mountain Rescue. Climbing routes, traverses, ski, snowshoe tours. Photos, drawings, 253 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-89886-154-3. Order #: MOUN0890 paper$14.95.

COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE: Vol. I (Discovering Old Oregon Series).
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-936608-17-X.  Order #: FRAM5214 cloth$18.95.

COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE: Vol. I (Discovering Old Oregon Series). Sherman. Scenic photos from 1867 to 1952 discover old Oregon from Troutdale to the Dalles. 94 large-format pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-936608-16.1. Order #: FRAM6099 paper$12.95.




COMMON MOSSES OF THE PACIFIC COAST. Harthill and O'Connor. Describes and illustrates 68 mosses in the woods and mountains of the Pacific states, British Columbia, and Alaska. Drawings, 119 pages. Covers scuffed. Out of print.
Inventory = 3.
ISBN: 0-99704-024-7. Order #: NATG3605 paper$15.00/60




Inventory = 17; otherwise out of print.
No ISBN. Order #: NATG0966 paper$6.95.




CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK topographic map. US Geological Survey. Oregon. Folded.
Inventory = 1. Order #: USGS9603 map$4.00.

CRATER LAKE: The Story Behind the Scenery (OR). Warfield et. al. Origin of crater and blue water plus forest, wildflowers, wildlife of Oregon National park. 63 color photos, 48 large-format pages. 1982, 1985.  Inventory = 3. ISBN: 0-916122-79-4. Order #: KCPU3913 paper$8.95.


CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK. Manning. Brief overview of park including geology, forests, trails, wildlife, seasons. Includes Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges and Lava Beds National Monument. Color photos by Mannings, 32 large- format pages.
Inventory = 11. Order #: DARW2478 paper$3.95.



CRATER LAKE: The Story Behind the Scenery. Warfield et. al. Origin of crater and blue water plus forest, wildflowers, wildlife of Oregon National park. 63 color photos, 48 large-format pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: KCPU2479 paper$8.95.

CRUISING THE PACIFIC COAST: Acapulco to Skagway. West. Presents the varied climate, scenery, boating conditions, harbor facilities, navigational hazards, routes, and landmarks for this entire area.146 photos, 35 maps and charts, 345 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: PASE2935 paper$10.95.

THE DISTANT MUSIC. Davis. Story of family who settled in Oregon Territory on Columbia River about 1857. 256 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: COMS8726 paper$4.50.

DIVING FOR NORTHWEST RELICS. White. Identification and dating of bottles, pottery, and marine hardware. Photos, 190 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: BIMO0194 paper$6.50.

DRUMMERS AND DREAMERS. Relander. History of eastern Washington Indian peoples. Historical photos, 345 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: NWIA3717 paper$9.95.

EXPLORING THE COAST BY BOAT. Van der Ree. A comprehensive guide to boating areas in the "inland sea"--the Strait of Georgia and Puget Sound. Maps, illustrations, 237 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: PASE4492 paper$12.95.

FAR CORNER (THE). Holbrook. Reminiscence of early Pacific Northwest. 256 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: COMS8724 paper$3.95.

FIELDBOOK OF PACIFIC NORTHWEST SEA CREATURES. McLachlan. Over 200 common marine animals in natural habitats; from Alaska  to Southern California. Color photos, 208 pages.
Inventory = 11.Scuffed covers. I
SBN: 0-87961-068-9. Order #: NATG1970 paper$14.95.



FORT VANCOUVER NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE. National Park Service.  Washington fur-trading post, with guide to site. Illustrated, 146 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: USGB2345 paper$7.00.

THE GETAWAY GUIDE I: Short Vacations in the Pacific Northwest. Rankin. A handy collection of 32 popular resorts in  Washington, Oregon, & British Columbia for beach-combing, cross-country skiing, swimming, bicycling, dining, or forest hiking. Photos, 224 pages.
Inventory = 3. Order #: PASE2917 paper$9.95.

THE GETAWAY GUIDE II: More Short Vacations in the Pacific Northwest. Rankin. From Whidbey Island to Oregon's Cascades, here are 69 well-known Northwest hideaways. 146 photos, maps, 256 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: PASE2918 paper$9.95.

GLACIER PEAK AREA OF THE NORTH CASCADES Hikers'/Climbers' Map. Beckey. Shows hiking trails, climbing routes, natural features, contours, elevations. Color map, shipped folded.
Inventory = 3.
ISBN: 0-916890-57-0. Order #: MOUN3981 map$3.95.

A GUIDE TO CRATER LAKE: The Mountain that used to be. Warfield. Origin of volcanic caldera, now an Oregon national park; features, vistas on rim drive, and trails. Color photos, 48 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: CRLA0366 paper$4.95.



HIGH COUNTRY OF CENTRAL OREGON. Hatton. Weaves history of explorers and trail-blazers into geography of glacier-clad volcanoes, alpine meadows, lakes, and streams, with pine forests. Photos, 240 pages.
Inventory = 1.   Order #: BIMO5003 cloth$12.95.

HIKING TRAILS OF THE SUNSHINE COAST. Percheson. Walks, hikes, climbs, and cross-country ski trips on the coast of British Columbia: saltwater areas, meadow walks, high-country excursions. Photos, maps, 112 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: SIGN3143 paper$5.95.

KEY TO OUR ENVIRONMENT (THE)...Cool, Clear Water. Spring. 175p large- format, photos.
Inventory = 1.  Order #: DARW3076 cloth$19.95.

LAND OF THE NORTH UMPQUAS. Bakken. Story of Indian tribe of Oregon--legends, history, life ways. Photos, 40 pages.
Inventory = 26.
ISBN: 0-913508-03-9. Order #: TECT2054 paper$3.95.




LEWIS AND CLARK: Voyage of Discovery. Murphy. 1804 exploration into America's new Louisiana Purchase; wildlife, Indian encounters. 68 color photos, 48 large-format pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: KCPU0740 paper$8.95.





Inventory = 0.
ISBN: 0-916890-66-X. Order #: MOUN2608 cloth$18.95.SOLD OUT

MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK (THE). Manning. History, the volcano, forests, alpine flowers, wildlife, glaciers, ice climbing, winter. Photos, 32 large-format pages.
Inventory = 4. Order #: DARW0395 paper$4.95.


MOUNT RAINIER: The Story Behind the Scenery (WA). Snow.  Washington National park--volcano, glaciers, wildlife, man. 74 color photos, 48 large-format pages. 1990.
Inventory = 2.
ISBN: 0-916122-83-2.  Order #: KCPU4085 paper$8.95.


MOUNT RAINIER IN PICTURES: the continuing story. Dengler. Volcano, glaciers, mountaineering, scenery, plants and animals. 48 large-format pages, color illus.1992.
 Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-88714-054-8. Order #: KCPU4796 paper$8.95



MOUNT ST. HELENS IN PICTURES--the continuing story. Quiring. A volcanic blast in Washington state in the  year 1980 sent ash-laden air down the mountain slope and its surrounding region, leveling trees, and removing the side of the volcano itself. 58 people were killed, habitat was changed. 48 large-format pages, color illus, some before and after. .1991.
Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-88714-055-6 Order #: KCPU14855 paper$8.95




MOUNT ST. HELENS: A Changing Landscape. Williams. Presents views by 19th century painters and almost 50 photographers from the turn of the century to now, providing an inclusive visual record of this volcanic mountain. 125 photos (85 in color).
Inventory = 1. Order #: GRAC4927 cloth$29.50.

MT. RAINIER NATIONAL PARK topographic map. US Geological Survey.  Washington. Folded.
Inventory = 1. Order #: USGS8863 map$4.00.

NATIONAL PARKS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST AND ALASKA (THE): The Sierra Club Guide to. Murfin et. al. Crater Lake, Denali, Gates of Arctic, Glacier Bay, Katmai, Kenai Fjords, Kobuk Valley, Lake Clark, Mt. Rainier,  North Cascades, Olympic, Wrangell-St. Elias. 245 color pates, 15 maps, 352 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: RAHO2739 vinyl$19.95.




NATURAL AREAS OF OREGON AND WASHINGTON: The Sierra Club Guide to the. Perry & Greverus. 14 maps, 360 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: RAHO2730 paper$12.00.

NORTH CASCADES HIGHWAY GUIDE. Darvill. Includes roadlog with viewpoints, features; trailheads; natural history; 64 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: NWIA6026 paper$3.50.

NORTH CASCADES NATIONAL PARK: the story behind the scenery. Weisberg. Scenery, geology, wildlife, hiking, Lake Chelan, and Ross Lake. 48 large-format pages, color illus. 1988.
Inventory =1. ISBN: 0-88714-021-1.  Order #: KCPU4640 paper$8.95




NORTHWEST ANGLING. Bradner. Guide to virtually all fishing area in this region--where to fish, how to get there, fishing techniques. Photos, 280 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: BIMO4767 cloth$14.95.

NORTHWEST RAINFOREST PIONEERS. by Claudia Harper. Have you ever wondered what everyday life was like for the early settlers in the Pacific Northwest? With interesting photo art and descriptive narratives, this unique book does a beautiful job of taking you back to these harsh times, sharing the lives and experiences of a pioneer family.  Some are determined, hard-working and resourceful; others are unable to withstand the hardships and loneliness.  If you are interested in the history of the Northwest, and in the reality of daily life as a northwest pioneer, you will find yourself lost in the pages of this book. 8.5 x 11 inches, 71 pages,  all color.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 157188-345-2. Order #: FRAM5530 paper$19.95


THE OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK. Manning. History, rain forest, trees and flowers, wildlife, hiking and climbing, the ocean beaches. 43 photos, 32 large-format pages.
Inventory = 38. No ISBN. Order #: DARW0404 paper$4.95.




TRACKING DOWN OREGON. Ralph Friedman. 1978.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 978-0-87004-257-7. Order #: CAXT5889 paper$14.95

OREGON FOR THE CURIOUS. Friedman. Off-beat travel guide for sight-seer, camper, boater, angler. 250 photos and maps
Inventory = 0. ISBN: 978-0-87004-222-5.Order #: CAXT1837 paper$9.95. SOLD OUT

OREGON THE WAY IT WAS. Culp. Early Oregon history of trolley cars, first autos, steam trains, steamboats. Photos.
Inventory = 1. Order #: CAXT5221 paper$15.95.

OREGON WILDLIFE AREAS. Spring. Guide to 23 ranges, species to see, how and when to see them. Photos, 96 pages.
Inventory = 11. Order #: DARW0374 paper$7.95.





OREGON. Sunset. A guidebook of sights, attractions, and recreational activities, with color photos and detailed maps. 128 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: SUNS1915 paper$7.95.

PARKS OF THE PACIFIC COAST. Tatreau. Complete guide to the national and historic parks of California, Oregon &  Washington. Photos, maps, 159 large-format pages.
Inventory = 4. Order #: GLPE0420 paper$10.95.

Inventory = 1. Order #: BEAM3099 paper$4.95.

PORTRAIT OF OREGON. Barr. Displays sunrise over Mt. Hood, winter storm at Cape Kiwanda, rugged coast, Cascades, Willamette Valley, Southwestern Oregon, desert.
Inventory = 1. Order #: GRAC4941 paper$8.50.

PORTRAIT OF WASHINGTON. Barr. Displays Mt Rainier, Cape Disappointment, Seattle, Paradise ice caves, Grand Coulee Dam, rolling wheat-fields, Puget Sound, Cascades, Eastern Washington.
Inventory = 1. Order #: GRAC4942 paper$8.50.

ROAD GUIDE TO CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK. Deckers. Park story as seen along roadsides. Color photos, drawings, maps. 48 pages.
Inventory = 7. Order #: DODE3109 paper$4.95.

CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK. Schaeffer. Good places to camp and fish, accommodations, regulations, weather, road and trail mileages; natural history section. 160 pages. Out of print.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-89997-020-6. Order #: WILD8508 paper$10.95

 SEA LIFE AT THE OCEAN'S EDGE. Corbett. A young person's guide to Pacific Northwest wilderness beaches as studied in Olympic National Park. Photos, 24 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: NWIA5430 paper$3.95.

SHIPWRECK CHART OF JUAN DE FUCA. 3 color chart showing locations of 200 shipwrecks. 19x24. (Shipped folded.)
Inventory = 4. Order #: BIMO0211 paper$4.95.

SOUTH PUGET SOUND, Afoot and Afloat. Mueller. Covers historic sites, natural science, marine life, park facilities, hikes, beaches; shoreline oriented, Seattle to Tacoma and Olympia. 224 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-89886-023-7. Order #: MOUN2656 paper$9.95.

STEHEKIN--A Guide to the Enchanted Valley. Darvill. Hiking trails above  Washington's L. Chelan, history, nature. Illustrations, 128 pages.
Inventory = 8.
ISBN:0-913140-42-2.  Order #: SIGN1297 paper$6.95.




TATOOSH. Hardy. Martha's account of her 1943 summer fire lookout alone on Tatoosh Peak near Mount Rainier. 252 pages.
Inventory = 3.
ISBN: 0-89886-005-9. Order #: MOUN0880 paper$10.95.

THIS SIDE OF OREGON. Friedman. Collection of stories of fresh bits of Oregon history.
Inventory = 1. Order #: CAXT5145 paper$9.95.

TILLAMOOK LIGHT. Gibbs. Adventures at "Terrible Tilly", Oregon lighthouse atop an offshore rock. Historical photos, 153 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: BIMO189 paper$7.95.

A TOUCH OF OREGON. Friedman. Tales of indigenous Oregon. 224 pages.
Inventory = 2.  Order #: COMS4250 paper$3.95.

TRACKING DOWN OREGON. Friedman. Oregon's people, past and present, history, legend, and folklore. Photos, 306 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 978-0-87004-257-7. Order #: CAXT5889 paper$9.95.

WALKS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. Ferguson. 75 day-walks through the mountains, forests, coasts, and deserts of Oregon,  Washington, & Idaho, with naturalist notes. Illustrated, 284 pages.
Inventory = 1. Order #: PRHA1349 paper$14.95.

WEST COAST USA: A Guide to California, Washington and Oregon. Van Dam.
Inventory = 1. Order #: MISC3132 paper$7.95.

Inventory = 1. Order #: MISC3199 paper$3.50.

WESTERN TRIPS & TRAILS. Sterling. Guide to 50 recreation areas in  Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Arizona. Photos, maps, 351 pages.
Inventory = 2.
400Order #: PRUE1153 paper$14.95.

A WHATCOM COUNTY BIKE BOOK. Vala. Guide to bicycle trips in this northwestern Washington area with notes on history included as well as mileages and directions. Maps, 48 pages.
Inventory = 2. Order #: SIGN3297 paper$3.95.

WHITMAN MISSION NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE: Here they labored among the Cayuse Indians. Thompson. Describes missionary activities of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman in 1800s. Illustrated, 92 pages, Slight soiling.
Inventory =2; otherwise out of print.
S/N: 024-005-00186-7. Order #: USGB2454 paper$6.95.





WILD PLANTS OF THE SAN JUAN ISLANDS. Atkinson. Describes and illustrates over 190 wildflowers, trees, shrubs and how the climate, topography, and geology of the islands affects the plant life. Illustrated, 184 pages. Inventory = 0. ISBN: 0-89886-104-7. Order #: MOUN2622 paper$9.95. SOLD OUT

WILDLIFE AND PLANTS OF THE CASCADES. Yocom.  Covers lava beds and high mountains of Northern California, Oregon, Washington, southwest British Columbia. Over 400 illustrations (4 color plates), 296 pages.
Inventory = 8; otherwise out of print.
ISBN: 0-911010-80-7. Order #: NATG0962 paper$9.95.



A YEAR IN PARADISE. Schmoe. Portrait of Mt. Rainier through the seasons by the park's first naturalist, from 1920. 235 pages.
Inventory = 5. Order #: MOUN3231 paper$6.95.



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