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Contents of this "East-Central U.S." page include natural history and history, Washington, D.C., and Shenandoah National Park.

ADIRONDACK COUNTRY. White. A biography of one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in America. Inventory = 1. RAHO2761 cloth$19.95.

BEAUTIFUL WASHINGTON, D.C. Curran. Ceremonial and historical buildings, parks, statues, civic events. Color photos, 72 large-format pages. Inventory = 3. BEAM0112 paper$9.95.




BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY: The Story Behind the Scenery. Rives. Ranges and ridges, mountain settlers, building the parkway. 70 color photos, 48 large-format pages. Inventory = 4. ISBN: 0-916122-81-6.. 1982. Order #: KCPU3812 paper$8.95.






CAMPAIGN FOR PETERSBURG: Petersburg National Battlefield. National Park Service. Civil War battle that led to capture of Southern capital in Virginia. Ill., 80 pages. Inventory = 3. USGB2256 paper$3.75.

CHANCELLORSVILLE: Lee's Greatest Battle. Stackpole. Account of one of Civil War's greatest battles. 55 illustrations,  27 maps, 30 drawings. Inventory = 1. STAC5067 paper$14.95.

CLARA BARTON NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE. Guide to this MD park plus biography of teacher/humanitarian/women's rights advocates/Red Cross founder. Ill., 79 pages. Inventory = 1. USGB2337 paper$5.50.

CLIMB PENNSYLVANIA. Harler. Presents rock and ice climbing in this state, plus bouldering. Illustrated, 36 pages. Inventory =9. LASI4895 paper$2.50.


COLONIAL NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK (VA): The Story Behind the Scenery. Haskett. First English colony in America--Virginia's Jamestown--and Yorktown Battlefield site where Britain surrendered. Color photos, 48 large-format pages. Inventory = 2. ISBN: 0-88714-044-0. 1990. Order #: KCPU8720 paper$11.95.





ANNAPOLIS DESTINATION--the story behind the scenery. Evans. Explore Annapolis--early home to American political ideals and training ground for naval heroes--a waterfront community which has enriched American life since the 17th century. 9x12, 48 pages, 67 color photos, 1 map. ISBN: 0-88714-107-2. 1996. Order #: KCPU8110 paper$11.95






A wilderness lover's guide to over 60 outdoor experiences in 16 states from Maine to Florida--descriptions of each site, how to reach it, and where to hike, backpack, and camp. Photos, maps, 252 pages. Inventory = 7. ISBN: 0-8117-2033-0. STAC3152 paper$8.95.



Deck of plant identification cards includes descriptions plus color photos of the more important edible and poisonous plants of the eastern US enabling identification in their natural habitats. Inventory = 5. PLDE4004 box$6.95.



FAMILIAR BIRDS (Eastern Region) OF NORTH AMERICA. Farrand & Kaufman. Audubon Society Pocket Guide to 80 common species. 80 color photos, 192 pages. Inventory = 1. RAHO7074 paper$8.00.

FAMILIAR FLOWERS (Eastern Region) OF NORTH AMERICA. Niering & Spellenberg. Audubon Society Pocket Guide to the 80 most common species. 80 color photos, 192 pages. Inventory = 1. RAHO7076 paper$7.00.

FORT MCHENRY NATIONAL MONUMENT AND HISTORIC SITE. History of this MD fort, including 1814 bombardment which inspired Francis Scott Key to write Star Spangled Banner. Ill., 38 pages. Inventory = 2.           USGB2443 paper$4.25.


Settlement here and at Roanoake, Virginia, by Sir Walter Raleigh. Illustrated, 56 pages. Inventory = 7.                     USGB8816 paper$3.00.


GETTYSBURG: 1863 and Today. Nitchkey. A compilation of facts and events--from the first shot fired to the latest battlefield tribute. Maps, over 60 photos, 144 pages. Inventory = 2. EXPO5194 cloth$8.50.

GETTYSBURG: The Story Behind the Scenery (PA). Davis. Battle, landscape, reunions of soldiers of both sides, meanings. 46 color photos, 48 large-format pages. Inventory = 6. ISBN: 0-916122-89-1. 1983 Order #: KCPU4041 paper$8.95.





GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS: The Story Behind the Scenery (VA). Canter. Shaping land, wildlife and flowers, hill people of national park in NC/TN. 46 color photos, 48 large-format pages. Inventory = 10.  ISBN: 0-916122-59-X. 1979. Order #: KCPU0743 paper$8.95.




GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS: Wonderland for Boys and Girls. Dickson. Describes features of this national park in juvenile format. Illustrated, 144 pages. Inventory = 1. MISC9388 paper$6.00.

GUIDE TO THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL in the Great Smokies, the Nantahalas, and Georgia. Appalachian Trail Conference. Include foldout maps. 1973. Inventory = 1. MISC9372 vinyl$9.95.

GUIDE TO VIRGINIA. Rand McNally. Where to go, what to see and do, historic highlights, accommodations & restaurants, campgrounds. Photos, 186 large-format pages. Inventory = 3. RAMC2940 paper$7.95.

HERBERT HOOVER'S HIDEAWAY. Lambert. Describes the retreat in Shenandoah National Park used by President Hoover, and his visits there. Photos, 157 pages. Inventory = 1. MISC3948 paper$6.95.

HIKING THE OLD DOMINION: The Trails of Virginia. de Hart. Sierra Club Totebook. Inventory = 1.         RAHO2714 paper$14.00.


Describes 50 trails in George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. Photos, maps, 201 pocket-sized pages. Inventory = 4. GLPE0423 paper$9.95.



HOPEWELL FURNACE. Huggins. National Park Service Handbook  to Hopewell Village National Historic Site, reconstructed 19th century PA iron-making community. Color illustrations, 96 pages. Inventory = 1. USGB2458 paper$6.95.

INDEPENDENCE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK: the story behind the scenery. Thomson. Origin and meaning of this park where the U.S. Constitution was created, along with the buildings where it happened and the people who did it. 48 large-format pages, color illus. Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-88714-045-9. 1990. Order #: KCPU4777 paper$8.95





INDEPENDENCE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN'S "GOOD HOUSE" --The Story of Franklin Court. Lopez. National Park Service Handbook to House and Franklin family, plus history of present memorial. Color illustrations, 64 pages. Inventory = 3. USGB8815 paper$5.95.

INDEPENDENCE: A Guide to Independence National Historical Park. Morris. National Park Service Handbook to Philadelphia's Independence Hall and role in formation of American government: Constitution, capital, Liberty Bell. Color illustrations, 64 pages. Inventory = 1. USGB2447 paper$4.95.

LIFE AND TIMES IN COLONIAL PHILADELPHIA. Kelley. History of the rapid growth of this city from 1640 to 1799 and the roles of the men and women who conceived the American concept of freedom. Photos, 256 pages. Inventory = 1. STAC3299 cloth$16.95.

LINCOLN MEMORIAL: A Guide to the Lincoln Memorial, District of Columbia. Applewhite & Angle. National Park Service Handbook to monument and history, with brief biography of Lincoln. Color illustrations, 48 pages. Inventory = 2. USGB8817 paper$3.95.

THE LIVING WHITE HOUSE. Aikman. Human element in presidential life--hobbies, lifestyles, family events. 164 color illustrations, 152 pages. Inventory = 1. INPG9103 paper$9.95.

MAMMOTH CAVE: the story behind the scenery. Lyons. Welcome to the two worlds of Mammoth Cave National Park.  In the worlds of light, see the wildlife of the landscape.  Within the cave, encounter creatures with special adaptation to the dark. 9x12, 48 pages, 72 color photos & 2 maps. Inventory= 1. ISBN: 0-88714-003-3. 1985. Order# : KCPU4791 paper$8.95





MORRISTOWN: A History and Guide. Weigley. National Park Service Handbook to 1777 and 1779-80 winter encampments of General George Washington's Continental Army at Morristown, NJ. Color illustrations, 112 pages. Inventory = 3. USGB2460 paper$7.95.

MOUNTAIN HOME: The Walker Family Farmstead, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Inventory = 1. USGB9578 paper$4.50.

PATHWAYS TO INDEPENDENCE: Discovering Independence National Historical Park. Milgrim. Inventory = 2. CHAT3364 cloth$7.95.

SHENANDOAH: The Story Behind the Scenery (VA). Crandall. Ancient mountains, forest trees, wildflowers, man in VA National park. 81 color photos, 48 large-format pages. Inventory = 4. ISBN: 0-916122-15-8. 1982. Order #: KCPU4088 paper$8.95.





SKYLAND: The Heart of the Shenandoah National Park. Pollock. History of resort founded in 1894 on a plateau on Stony Man Mountain before this park was created. Photos, 299 pages. Inventory = 1. MISC3949 paper$6.95.

VANDERBILT MANSION NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE. National Park Service. Mansion and family with details of building and grounds. Illustrated, 52 pages. Inventory = 3. USGB2453 paper$3.95.

A Walker's Guide to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Gilbert. 28 photos, 11 maps, 80 pages. #PIHI2793 paper$7.95 Out of print; Inventory=1.

WALKS IN THE CATSKILLS. Bennet. Guide to New York park, with trails, history, and geology. Maps, drawings, 203p pocket-sized. Inventory = 1. GLPE0425 paper$7.95.

WELCOME TO WASHINGTON. National Park Service. Includes map of downtown Washington, District of Columbia, and map of region with information on highlights, day trips. Illustrated, folder. Inventory = 3. USGB2354 map$1.25.

WHITE HOUSE: An Historic Guide. White House Historical Association. History, architecture, furnishings. 180 color illustrations, 160 pages. Inventory = 1. INPG6065 paper$9.95.

WHITEWATER RAFTING IN EASTERN NORTH AMERICA. Armstead. A guide to rivers and outfitters for beginning and advanced rafters. Photos, maps, 143 pages. Inventory = 5. GLPE0428 paper$9.95.

WILDFLOWERS OF THE EAST. Crittenden. Guide to eastern U.S. wildflowers based on key to flower parts. Drawings, 224 pages. Inventory = 5. CEAR0276 paper$9.95.




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