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BADLANDS: the story behind the scenery. Zarki. Eroded landscape of South Dakota, with its wildlife, plants, grassland, and fossils. 48 large-format pages, color illus. Inventory =1. ISBN: 0-88714-124-2. 1997. Order #: KCPU paper$8.95






THE BIG MISSOURI WINTER COUNT. Cheney. Records 131 years of Sioux life--1796 to 1926, portrayed on an Indian hide calendar. Illustrated, 48 pages. Inventory = 2; otherwise out of print.  ISBN: 0-89761-081-6,. Order #: NATG0943 paper$8.95.






HUNTING THE GREAT PLAINS. Barsness. How and where to hunt 20 species of big and small game and birds from New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma north to Montana and ND. Photos, 176 pages. Inventory = 1.                          #MOPR0825 paper$6.95.

MID-AMERICA TRIPS AND TRAILS. Thomas. From sand dunes and plateaus to densely wooded forests, over 50 unspoiled wilderness areas in 17 states are pinpointed. Photos, maps, 238 pages. Inventory = 3. #ZZXS5166 paper$8.95.




PIPESTONE: A History. Murray. Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota, where early plains native Americans quarried catlinite stone for pipes. Photos, 60 pages. Inventory = 3. #PIIS5503 paper$4.00.

QUEEN OF COWTOWNS--Dodge City. Vestal.

From military post through buffalo camp to cattle market; thieves and lawmen. 285 pages. Inventory = 8. #UNEB1573 paper$7.95.



SANTA FE TRAIL--Voyage of Discovery the story behind the scenery. Murphy. History of wagon route from Kansas City, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico--ruts still visible on the trail, ruins of posts, the restored Bent's Fort, wagons, and travelers. 64 large-format pages, color illus. Inventory = 1. ISBN:0-88714-086-6. 1994. Order #: KCPU4869 paper$8.95




THEODORE ROOSEVELT: The Story Behind the Scenery (ND). Schoch. Eroded bluffs, wildlife, human story of ND park once ranched by Roosevelt. 42 color photos, 32 large-format pages. Inventory = 3. ISBN: 0-916122-13-1. 1974, 1979. Order #: KCPU0737 paper$8.95.






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