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 Little London




Stories from Colorado mining town. 28 pages, illus. Inventory = 5. ISBN: 0-936564-29-6. 1983. Order #: LILO9779 paper$4.95.



BUENA VISTA. Porrata. History of Colorado mountain town. 63 p., illus.Inventory = 4. No ISBN. 1979. Order #: LILO0773 paper$4.95.




OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Scenic Trips from Salida. Dixon.

Scenic auto tours on back roads centered near Salida, Colorado: Ute Trail, St. Elmo, Marshall Pass, Tincup, more.. 48p. photos, maps. Inventory = 11. 1986.  ISBN: 936564-33-4. Order #: LILO5001 paper$4.95//50




Quick history of Colorado gold camp's railroads and street cars. 30 p., 38 photos. Inventory = 9. No ISBN. 1968.  Order #: LILO0758 paper$4.95



AMERICA'S MOUNTAIN: Pikes Peak and the Pikes Peak region. Pearl.

Pike's Peak flora, fauna, wildlife, highway, cog road. 36 p., illus. Inventory = 8. ISBN: 936564-38-5. 1964. Order #: LILO5269 paper$4.95.




VICTOR: a quick history of Colorado's "City of Mines". One of the greatest of all gold mining towns. 70 photos, 48 pages. Inventory = 5. ISBN: 0-636564-13-X. 1969. Order #: LILO0755 paper$4.95.




VICTOR: a quick history--Colorado's City of Mines. Feitz. Colorado's "City of Mines", one of greatest gold mining towns. 70 photos, 48 pages. Inventory = 2 (separate edition). ISBN: 0-936564-13-X. 1969. Order #: LILO5271 paper$5.95.






GHOST TOWNS OF THE CRIPPLE CREEK DISTRICT. Feitz. Gold camps of Goldfield, Altman, Anaconda, and others in Colorado Pikes Peak country. 48 p., 67 photos. Inventory = 2. No ISBN. 1974. Order #:  LILO0769 paper$4.95.




A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF CRIPPLE CREEK. Feitz. Colorado mining town began with discover of gold in 1890, to become a thriving city and now a living ghost town of its former self--until its gambling revival.. 48 large-format pages, 100 photos, captions. Inventory = 1.   ISBN: 0936564-37-7. 1990. Order #:  LILO3439 paper$7.95.




PLATARO: Colorado mining camp and resort town. Feitz. In Spanish, plataro means silver and oro means gold, hence the name of this mining camp that evolved into a summer getaway. 32 p., 40 photos, maps. Inventory = 1. No ISBN. 1969. Order #: LILO4995 paper$4.95.





TRIAL & TRIUMPH: a quick history of Denver. Turk. Introduction by newsman Carl Akers. Inventory = 8. 56 p., illus. No ISBN. 1978. Order #: LILO0761 paper$4.95.





UTE PASS: a quick history. Pettit. Including Cascade, Chipita Park, Crystola, Woodland Park, Green Mountain ?Falls, & Divide. 64 p. illus. Inventory = 1. No ISBN. 1979. Order #: LILO3786 paper$7.95

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