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nature, American Indians, natural living

STARS & OUTER SPACE MADE EASY. Mundt. Introduction to the phenomena of the sky and of astronomy--constellations, double stars, pulsars, the Milky Way, galaxies, and outer space. 14 drawings and star charts, 20 photos, 95 pages.
Inventory = 1; otherwise out of print.
ISBN: 0-911010-70-X.  Order #: NATG0922 paper$6.95.




BEYOND THE STAFF OF LIFE: the wheatless-dairyless cookbook.  by Adler. Fills the need for people allergic to wheat and/or dairy products. 80 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-87961-075-1.  Order #: NATG0933 paper$6.95 Out of print at publisher; we have one copy left.




GIVE PEAS A CHANCE: organic gardening cartoon-science. by Barbarow. Cartoons simplify starting and maintaining thriving organic gardens. All you need to know to start and maintain a thriving organic garden, from soil chemistry and preparation to composting or propagation.  "This book is an informative adventure into organic gardening. The scientific facts and chemistry as well as basic gardening are explained by word and cartoon. Anyone can understand this book. The cartoons explained, very well, many scientific facts about the process of gardening. Don't be misled, this is an adult book. The author does not insult your intelligence by talking down to the reader. He just tells 'it' lightly." (Barbara S. Jones, California Garden</>, July-August 1996)222 large-format pages.
ISBN: 978-0-87931-205-4. Order #: NATG1373 paper$12.95   Out of print; we have 1 left.

LORD OF THE DAWN. by Tony Shearer.1971 classic about Quetzalcoatl, the great Indian culture hero of ancient Mexico.176 pages.
Inventory=1. ISBN: 0-911010-74-2. Order #: NATG1969 (Scuffed cover) paper$12.95 This edition is out of print.



COMMON MOSSES OF THE PACIFIC COAST. Harthill and O'Connor.Describes and illustrates 68 mosses in the woods and mountains of the Pacific states, British Columbia, and Alaska. Drawings, 119 pages. Covers scuffed. Out of print.
Inventory = 3.
ISBN: 0-99704-024-7. Order #: NATG3605 paper$15.00.



THE BIG MISSOURI WINTER COUNT. Cheney. Records 131 years of Sioux life--1796 to 1926, portrayed on an Indian hide calendar. Illustrated, 48 pages.
Inventory = 2; otherwise out of print.
ISBN: 0-89761-081-6. Oder #: NATG0943 paper$6.95.



A BAG OF BONES: Legends of the Wintu Indians of Northern California. by Masson. 15 stories told by old Wintu native Americans from group who lived along western Sacramento Valley of California. The myths provide an intimate view of Wintu value systems, patterns of perception and thinking, kinship systems and philosophy. The legends were also used to explain natural phenomena. Hills. rivers and even particular rock formations held a special significance to the Wintu who grew up in the area." 10 illustrations, 140 pages. Covers damaged.
Inventory = 2.
ISBN: 0-911010-26-2. Order #: NATG951 paper$12.95


HANDBOOK OF PLASTIC EMBEDDING of Animals, Plants and Various Objects With Improved C.M.E. D6 Polyester Resins. Lutz. Covers scuffed.
Inventory = 1; otherwise out of print.
ISBN: 911010-44-0. Order #: NATG3085 paper$9.95.




SUBTIDAL MARINE BIOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA--with emphasis on the South. Galbraith. Marine life, identification. 98 photos (66 in color), 45 drawings and maps, 144 pages.
Inventory = 4; otherwise out of print. ISBN: 0-87961-026-63. Order #: NATG0964 paper$8.95.




AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO FOSSIL COLLECTING.  by Casanova & Ratkevich. Beginning guide with numerous and detailed accounts of fossil locations in US and Canada. This easy to understand guide tells how fossils are classified, how to collect, preserve, and mount specimens. Collecting sites given for each state. 200 illustrations, 128 pages.
ISBN: 0-87961-113-8. Order #: NATG0968 paper$9.95 Out of print; we have 4 left.


HUNTING DIAMONDS IN CALIFORNIA. Hill. Where to hunt for these gems, how to identify them, locate your claim, and cut them. Illustrated, 80 pages. Inventory = 4; otherwise out of print. ISBN: 0-911010-96-3. Order #: NATG5717 paper$5.95




ROCKS AND MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA. Brown, Allan, & Stark. Key to identify through hardness, color, specific gravity, luster, texture, crystal shape, areas of occurrence. Photos, maps, 204 pages. 
Inventory = 5.  Covers scuffed. ISBN: 0-911010-58-0.
Order #NATG8422 paper$13.95




COUNTRY LAND--and Its Uses. Orem. Selecting land, developing water, organic gardening. Diagrams, 310 pages.
Inventory = 6; otherwise out of print.
ISBN: 0-89761-030-1. Order #: NATG0932 paper$9.95.




COMMON SEASHORE LIFE OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Hedgpeth. Field guide. 10 color photos, 156 drawings and maps, 67 pages.
Inventory = 7; otherwise out of print.
ISBN: 0-9611010-62-9. Order #: NATG0969 paper$6.95.



THE PROTEIN BOOK. Cordy. An authoritative guide to the selection of high quality proteins in both animal and vegetable foods. Compares constituents of various foods. Illustrated, 96 pages.
Inventory = 7; otherwise out of print.
ISBN: 0-87961-044-1. Order #: NATG4179 (Scuffed cover) paper$6.95




EDIBLE? INCREDIBLE! PONDLIFE--The Eating Guide to American Ponds. Furlong. Animals and plants in US and Canada ponds: identification, recipes. Color photos, 96 pages.
Inventory = 8; otherwise out of print.
ISBN:0-87961-083-2.  Order #: NATG0928 paper$7.95.





WILDLIFE AND PLANTS OF THE CASCADES. Yocom. Covers lava beds and high mountains of Northern California, Oregon, Washington, southwest British Columbia. Over 400 illustrations (4 color plates), 296 pages.
Inventory = 8; otherwise out of print.
ISBN: 0-911010-80-7. Order #: NATG0962 paper$9.95.



PROPAGATE YOUR OWN PLANTS. James. Selecting, propagating, caring for sturdy American natives, all-time favorites, useful herbs. Illustrated, 150 pages.
Inventory = 9.
ISBN: 0-87961-072-7. Order #:NATG0923 (Scuffed cover) paper$10.95.




SIOUX RIVER. Reynolds. Indian poetry from the Standing Rock Reservation. Drawings, 64 pages.
Inventory = 11.
ISBN: 0-87961-048-4. Order #: NATG0950 paper$6.95.




WILDLIFE WOODCRAFT. Phillips. Instructions and designs for carving figurines, plaques, decorative boxes. Photos, 64 pages.
Inventory = 1; out of print.
ISBN: 87961-066-2. Order #: NATG6783 (Scuffed cover) paper$5.95

WILDLIFE WOODCRAFT. Phillips. Instructions and designs for carving figurines, plaques, decorative boxes. Photos, 64 pages.
Inventory = 12; out of print.
ISBN: 87961-066-2. Order #: NATG0938 (No scuffed cover) paper$5.95


FIELDBOOK OF PACIFIC NORTHWEST SEA CREATURES. by McLachlan & Ayres. Over 200 common marine animals are shown in their natural habitat with color photos--from Alaska to Southern California. A short description accompanies each species pictured, and explains its biology. Color photos. 208 pages
Inventory =
11. ( (Scuffed cover) . ISBN: 0-87961-068-9.  Order #:NATG1970 paper$14.95.


SEA VEGETABLES: Harvesting Guide & Cookbook. by Mcconnaughey. Foraging for and preparing nutritious ocean plants; classifications, locations and recipes.  "This informative little guide is a brief introduction to the fascinating world of marine plants known as seaweeds, or marine algae, and includes description, nutrition, classification, ecology, uses, and techniques for harvesting and preserving, plus a large array of recipes and a list of seaweed suppliers"--Florida Naturalist, Summer 1986. Illustrated, 244 pages.
Inventory = 1.
ISBN: 0-87961-151-0. Order #: NATG1979 (Scuffed cover) paper$16.95.


Inventory = 17; otherwise out of print.
No ISBN. Order #: NATG0966 paper$6.95




ROCKS AND MINERALS OF CALIFORNIA. Brown, Allan, & Stark. Key to identify through hardness, color, specific gravity, luster, texture, crystal shape, areas of occurrence. Photos, maps, 204 pages. 
Inventory = 5.  Covers scuffed. ISBN: 0-911010-58-0. Order #NATG8422 paper$13.95




HOW TO PRESERVE ANIMAL & OTHER SPECIMENS IN CLEAR PLASTIC. Harden. Instructions on simple methods for preserving biological and mineral specimens in clear plastic. Illustrated, 64 pages.
Inventory = 1; otherwise out of print.
ISBN: 0-9611010-46-7. Order #: NATG5002 paper$6.95.





WILDLIFE OF THE INTERMOUNTAIN WEST. Brown, Yocom, and Starbuck. Includes common plants and habitats, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. ISBN: 0-911010-14-9.
Inventory=2. Order #: NATG3767 paper$10.95






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