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ALL ABOUT TARANTULAS. Lund. Explains what the tarantula spider is, its housing requirements, foods, its bite, breeding, and handling. Color photos, 96 pages. Inventory =1. TFHP3560 cloth$9.95.

THE AMATEUR NATURALIST'S DIARY. Brown. Provides journal spaces to record entries and includes tips on what to look for month by month. Inventory = 1. PRHA7729 paper$9.95.

THE AMAZING ARMADILLO: Geography of a Folk Critter. Smith. This unusual mammal is extending its range from Mexico throughout the southern US. Illustrated. Inventory = 1. UTEX4708 paper$6.95.

AMERICA'S FAVORITE BACKYARD WILDLIFE. Harrisons. Lives of backyard neighbors--rabbits, chipmunks, raccoons, mice, turtles, toads, birds, deer. Photos, 320 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7730 paper$12.95.

AMERICAN WILDERNESS. Bowman. Captures beauty of natural places. Color photos, 90 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. ZZSU6809 cloth$7.98/60.


How to keep your aquarium clean and healthy for the fish through proper balance of light, temperature, and water and use of special filtering substances. Color photos, 128 pages. Inventory = 20.             TFHP3563 paper$14.95.



THE BEASTLY BOOK: 100 of the World's Most Dangerous Creatures. Hanson. Separates fact from fiction for sharks, tigers, bears, snakes, insects. 100 drawings, 224 pages. Inventory = 1. MACM4903 paper$12.00.

BERRY FINDER. Miller. A guide to native plants of eastern North America with fleshy fruits, including herbs, vines, shrubs, and trees. Illustrated, 64 little pages. ISBN: 0-912550-14-7. Inventory = 1. NASG5123 paper$5.95.

BONES: The Unity of Form and Function. Alexander. Shows how the characteristics of animal bones relate to how the animal performs, and how similar bone types occur in varied species. Color photos, 223 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. MACM8537 cloth$40.00.


BOOK OF ANIMALS (THE SIMON & SCHUSTER YOUNG READERS'). Walters. Facts about animal groups; shared characteristics of form and behavior as exemplified by their species. Color illustrations, 191 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC1346 paper$7.95.

COUGAR ATTACKS: Encounters of the Worst Kind. Etling. Documents attacks by mountain lions on humans. 263 pages. Inventory = L. ISBN: 1-58574-221-X.  MISC4798 cloth$24.95






Describes and illustrates 68 mosses in the woods and mountains of the Pacific states, British Columbia, and Alaska. Drawings, 119 pages. Covers scuffed. Out of print. Inventory = 3. ISBN: 0-99704-024-7. Order #: NATG3605 paper$15.00/60



THE CONCH BOOK. Carstarphen. All you ever wanted to know about the Queen Conch from gestation to gastronomy: Identification of kinds, history, biology, collecting, cooking. Illustrated, 80 pages. Inventory = 1. BANY2190 paper$6.95.

DEER MANAGEMENT. DeNahlik. How deer can be more successfully managed for greater yield in their natural environment. Inventory =2. ZZXS5179 cloth$1.98/60.

DESERT TREE FINDER. Watts. A pocket manual for identifying desert trees. Drawings, 64 little pages. Inventory = 33. NASG0981 paper$5.95.

ECOLOGY AND PLANT LIFE: A Prentice-Hall Illustrated Dictionary. Walters & Holme For 9- to 14-year olds. 225 color illustrations, 160 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. SISC2510 cloth$19.00.

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BUTTERFLIES. Feltwell. 1,200 world species with size, appearance, range, habitat, life cycle, migration. Over 1,000 color photos, 288 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. MACM6387 cloth$40.00.


FAMILIAR TREES (Eastern Region) OF NORTH AMERICA. Franklin. Audubon Society Pocket Guide to the 80 most common species. 80 color photos 192 pages. Inventory = 1. RAHO7078 paper$8.00.

FERN FINDER. Hallowell. Identifies native northeastern and mid-western ferns. Inventory = 12. ISBN: 0-912550-11-2. NASG0984 paper$4.95.


A FIELD GUIDE TO BUTTERFLIES OF EASTERN NORTH AMERICA. Klots. Peterson Field Guide. How to identify all species east of the Great Plains from Greenland to Mexico; where to find them; habits; collecting. 247 shown in color, 365 pages. Inventory = 1. Order #: HOMI613 paper$16.95.


 Over 370--where to find and pick, how to prepare. Color illustrations, 346 pages. Inventory = 10. Order #: HOMI604 paper$15.95.


A FIELD GUIDE TO FERNS AND THEIR RELATED FAMILIES of Northeastern & Central North America. Cobb. Ferns, horsetails, clubmosses, spikemosses, quillworts. Over 500 illustrations, 299 pages. Inventory =2. Order #: HOMI2263 paper$14.95.

A FIELD GUIDE TO REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS OF EASTERN/CENTRAL NORTH AMERICA. Conant. Peterson Field Guide to 574 species; ranges, habits, habitats; collecting. 472 color illustrations, 543 pages. Inventory = 2. Order #: HOMI605 paper$16.95.

FIELD GUIDE TO WILDLIFE HABITATS OF EASTERN US. Benyus. Where birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians live and feed; how best to watch and enjoy. 75 illustrations, 336 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7788 paper$16.00.

FIELD GUIDE TO WILDLIFE HABITATS OF WESTERN US. Benyus. Observation tips for animals in 18 separate habitats. Illustrated, 336 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7787 paper$16.00.

FIRE--a force of nature: the story behind the scenery. de Golia. How fires start, role of fire in nature, blazes, suppression efforts. 48 larged-foramt pages, color illus. Inventory = 2. ISBN: 0-88714-038-6. 1989. Order #: KCPU4429 paper$11.95





FRACTALS: THE PATTERNS OF CHAOS--Discovering a New Aesthetic of Art, Science, and Nature. Briggs. Explores the unique patterns left behind by unpredictable movements in nature. Color photos, 192 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. SISC4058 paper$20.00.

GRASSLANDS: Audubon Society Nature Guide. Brown. Comprehensive field guide to birds, wildflowers, trees, grasses, insects, and other natural wonders of North America's prairies, fields, and meadows. Color photos. Inventory = 1. RAHO2724 paper$16.95.

HABITATS: Fourteen Foldout Panoramas of the World's Ecological Zones. Hare. Includes rain forest, savanna, desert, scrubland, mountain, grassland, forest, taiga, tundra, river and lake, swamps and bogs, oceans, coasts, reefs. Color photos and drawings, 143 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. MACM8534 cloth$25.00.


HOW THE LEOPARD CHANGED ITS SPOTS: The Evolution of Complexity. Goodwin. Notes that complexity is an inherent and emergent quality of life, not merely the result of random mutation and natural selection. Illustrated, 268 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC1564 paper$14.00.

HOW TO PAINT LANDSCAPES. Crawshaw. Inventory =2. HPBO6914 paper$6.95.

HOW TO PRESERVE ANIMAL & OTHER SPECIMENS IN CLEAR PLASTIC. Harden. Instructions on simple methods for preserving biological and mineral specimens in clear plastic. Illustrated, 64 pages. Inventory = 1; otherwise out of print. ISBN: 0-9611010-46-7. Order #:  NATG5002 paper$6.95



36 strategies for turning the natural environment into your own laboratory. Illustrated, 224 pages. Inventory = 7. STAC1390 paper$14.95/60

KOALAS: Australia's Ancient Ones. Phillips. Behavior in the wild, life habits, rescue efforts, endangered status. Color photos, 171 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. MACM8532 cloth$27.50/50

MAMMAL FINDER. Russo & Olhausen. Guide to mammals of the Pacific coast states--their tracks, skulls, and signs. Illustrated, maps, 92 pages. Inventory = 26. ISBN:0-912550-16-3. NASG9536 paper$5.95

MAMMOTHS. Lister & Bahn. Origin, natural history, and extinction of these Ice-age animals. Color photos and maps, 168 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. MACM8535 cloth$30.00/50

MASTER TREE FINDER. Watts. A manual for the identification of trees by their leaves. Drawings, 64 little pages. Inventory = 4. NASG0990 paper$5.95


A MOSQUITO IS BORN. White. Inventory =2. STER3451 cloth$7.95.

MY LIFE WITH THE CHIMPANZEES. Goodall. The fascinating story of one of the world's most celebrated naturalists. Inventory = 1. SISC6322 paper$3.99/50.

NIGHTWATCH: The Natural World from Dusk to Dawn. Cloudsley-Thompson. Photographic guidebook to nocturnal life for nature enthusiasts and general readers. 240 color photos, 192 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. FAOF5346 cloth$24.95.


THE OBJECT STARES BACK: On the Nature of Seeing. Elkins. Explores how we see. Illustrated, 270 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC1563 cloth$24.00.

OUR THREATENED WILDLIFE. Perry. An ecological study on how to save hundreds of species that are on the brink of extinction. Inventory = 1.
ZZXS5187 cloth$1.98/60.

PACIFIC COAST BERRY FINDER. Keator. Identifies native plants with fleshy fruits. Drawings, 60 little pages. Inventory = 7. NASG0982 paper$5.95.

PACIFIC COAST FERN FINDER. Keator. Identifies ferns in California, Oregon,  Washington. Drawings, 64 little pages. Inventory = 24. NASG0989 paper$5.95.

PACIFIC COAST FISH. Russo. Pocket guide to marine fish life of Pacific Coast of North America. Illustrated. Inventory = 20. NASG5065 paper$5.95.

PACIFIC COAST MAMMALS. Russo & Olhausen. Identifies wild mammals, showing animals, skulls, tooth formulas, footprints, droppings, range maps. Illustrated, 92 pages. Inventory = 9. NASG3496 paper$6.95.

PHOTOGRAPHING AMERICAN WILDLIFE (A Practical Guide). McDonald. Presents basic photography and equipment, special devices and applications, and tips on photographing insects, reptiles and amphibians, birds, and mammals. Photos, 205 pages. Inventory = 1. YELL5156 paper$7.95.

POND LIFE: Golden Guide. Reid. Plants and animals that live in lakes, streams, wetlands; observing and collecting. Color illustrations, 160 pages, 4"x 6". Inventory = 1. WEST3330 paper$5.95.

PREHISTORIC LIFE: The Rise of the Vertebrates. Norman. Traces emergence of life to rise of mammals, scientific theories on origins of life, environmental changes that influenced evolution. Color photos and drawings, 246 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. MACM8538 cloth$30.00.

REDWOOD REGION FLOWER FINDER. Watts. Identifies wildflowers on north coast of California. Drawings, 64 little pages. Inventory = 108. No ISBN.  NASG0987 paper$4.95.



REEF FISH: Behaviour and Ecology on the Reef and in the Aquarium. Thresher. Guide to many species found on or around western Atlantic reefs. 171 pages.  Originally published by Palmetto at $17.95. Inventory = 1.                       ZZXS5184 cloth$4.98/60.

SAGUARO: the desert flower book. Miller. A couple hundred coolor drawings and notes on common flowers of Southwest deserts. 68 little pages. Inventory =1. ISBN:0-933472-69-2. Order #: JOHN3772 paper$5.95





THE SECRET GARDEN: Dawn to Dusk in the Astonishing Hidden World of the Garden. Bodanis. Marvels of nature that operate in normal gardens. Color photos, 186 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC8151 cloth$25.00.


THE WAY OF THE GRIZZLY: The Bears of Alaska's Famed McNeil River. Walker. Examines the behavior, social structure, basic biology and human-bear relationship in this famous sanctuary. 161 large-format pages, color photos. Inventory = 1. MISC3458 paper$22.95





Covers lava beds and high mountains of Northern California, Oregon, Washington, southwest British Columbia. Over 400 illustrations (4 color plates), 296 pages. Inventory = 8; otherwise out of print. ISBN: 0-911010-80-7. Order #: NATG0962 paper$9.95.


WILDLIFE IN YOUR GARDEN. Logsdon. Dealing with deer, rabbits, raccoons, moles, crows, sparrows, and other of nature's creatures in ways that keep them around but away from your fruits and vegetables. Illustrated, 288 pages. Inventory = 1. RODA2378 cloth$14.95.

THE WILDLIFE OBSERVER'S GUIDEBOOK. Roth. Complete manual of tips and techniques for watching and studying wild animals throughout the year--in city, suburb, and countryside. Inventory = 1. PRHA7725 paper$9.95.


Instructions and designs for carving figurines, plaques, decorative boxes. Photos, 64 pages. Inventory = 12; out of print. ISBN: 87961-066-2. Order #: NATG0938 paper$5.95.

WILDLIFE WOODCRAFT. Same as above, with scuffed cover. Inventory = 1; out of print. ISBN: 87961-066-2. Order #: NATG0938 paper$5.95/60


WINTER TREE FINDER. Watts. For identifying deciduous trees in winter. Drawings, 64 little pages. No ISBN. Inventory = 103. NASG0988 paper$4.95.


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AMERICA'S FAVORITE BACKYARD BIRDS. Harrison & Harrison. Little-known and fascinating personal lives of best-loved backyard birds. Photos, 288 pages. Inventory = 2. SISC3494 paper$12.00.

BACKYARD BIRD WATCHER. Harrison. Inventory = 1. SISC9651 paper$12.00.

BIRD FINDER. Lederer. Pocket guide to 59 common species of eastern North America, describing physical traits and behavior. Illustrated, 60 pages. Inventory = 10. NASG6004 paper$5.95.

THE BIRDER'S CATALOGUE: The Sourcebook for Birding Paraphernalia. Buff. An encyclopedia of information and sources for birders--where to see birds, optical aids, feeders, famous birders, birdhouses, bird art, and more. Illustrated, 256 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC3493 paper$16.95.


Moves birdwatching to active participation through projects--foods, nest boxes, rare species. Photos, 250 pages. Inventory = 8. ISBN:0-8117-2152-3. STAC1392 paper$11.95.



EASTERN BIRDS: A Guide to Field Identification of North American Species. Coe.

Covers nearly 300 species of birds from Rocky Mountains to Atlantic. Identifying features, habitats, songs, breeding. Color illustrations, 160 pages. Inventory = 24. ISBN: 0-307-13671-X. WEST3138 paper$13.95.


Eastern and central North America. Color illustrations, 384 pages. ISBN: 0-395-36164-8. Inventory = 5. Order #: HOMI614 vinyl$16.95.



A FIELD GUIDE TO BIRDS OF TEXAS AND ADJACENT STATES. Peterson. 542 birds in Texas/Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana: ranges, migration routes, habitats. Illustrated, 338 pages. Inventory = 2. Order #: HOMI602 paper$21.95.

PRACTICAL ORNITHOLOGIST (THE): What to Look for, How and When to Look for It, and How to Record What You See. Gooders. Hands-on guide to bird study. Color illustrations, 160 pages. Inventory = 1.          SISC7209 paper$14.95.

WILD PIGEONS & DOVES. Delacour. Details physical characteristics, native habitat, feeding and breeding requirements, and personality for each kind. Color photos, 189 pages. Inventory = 3. TFHP3335 cloth$14.95.

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BLACK DAWN/BRIGHT DAY: Indian Prophecies Earth Changes.

Sun Bear & Wabun Wind. Intensity and trend of earth changes; altering lifestyles to meet challenges. Illustrated, 246 pages. Inventory = 6. SISC2346 paper$13.95.


THE BOOK OF THE VISION QUEST: Personal Transformation in the Wilderness. Foster with Little.

Offers ancient wilderness rite of passage to modern seekers. Illustrated, 249 pages. Inventory = 9. SISC9683 paper$11.00. .


CENTRAL HEATING WITH WOOD & COAL. Using solid fuel for heat and domestic hot water. Diagrams, 127 pages. Inventory = 5. STGR3234 paper$8.95.


COUNTRY LAND--and Its Uses. Orem.

Selecting land, developing water, organic gardening. Diagrams, 310 pages. Inventory = 6; otherwise out of print.ISBN: 0-89761-030-1. Order #: NATG0932 paper$9.95.




DANCING WITH THE WHEEL: The Medicine Wheel Workbook. Sun Bear, Wind, & Mulligan Springboard of power to link you with energies of universe. Illustrated, 256 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7060 paper$16.00.

DREAMING WITH THE WHEEL. Sun Bear & Wabun Wind. Inventory = 1. SISC5563 paper$12.00.

EDIBLE? INCREDIBLE! PONDLIFE--The Eating Guide to American Ponds. Furlong. Animals and plants in US and Canada ponds: identification, recipes. Color photos, 96 pages. Inventory = 8; otherwise out of print. ISBN:0-87961-083-2. NATG0928 paper$7.95.




HIGHGROVE: An Experiment in Organic Gardening and Farming. Prince of Wales & Clover. Methods that have worked and sometimes not worked in managing this English estate for natural production. Over 160 color photos, 288 large format pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6760 cloth$50.00.

IN SEARCH OF THE WILD TURKEY. Gooch. State-by-state guide to wild turkey hunting spots and methods. Photos, 192 pages. Inventory = 2. STAC1456 cloth$9.95.

THE MEDICINE WHEEL: Earth Astrology. Sun Bear and Wabun Wind.

Nature-oriented connections with animals, plants and minerals of 12 Moons. Illustrated, 203 pages. Inventory = 9. SISC4100 paper$13.95.

THE MEDICINE WHEEL CIRCLE. Bear Tribe. Totems in animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms according to Sun Bear's vision; full-color 12" circle explains each totem. Inventory = 6. BETR5218 paper$5.00.


NAHANNI TRAILHEAD: A Year in the Northern Wilderness. Moore. Account of stay on Canada's remote South Nahanni River: hiking, canoeing, and skiing from the log cabin they built themselves. 240 pages. Inventory = 1.        MOUN2635 paper$9.95.

NATURE BOUND: Pocket Field Guide. Dawson. Outdoor handbook provides concise survival, map/compass, edible and poisonous plants, first-aid, knowledge. 125 color plates, 336 pages. Inventory = 3. OMNI5501 paper$12.00.


SEA VEGETABLES: Harvesting Guide & Cookbook. Mcconnaughey.

Foraging for and preparing nutritious ocean plants; classifications, locations and recipes. Illustrated, 244 pages. ISBN: 0-87961-151-0. Scuffed covers. Inventory = 6.  NATG1910 paper$16.95/60


SNOWY EARTH COMES GLIDING. Eaton. Discovering ancient wisdom of country of lost borders; Native American traditions. Photos, 120 pages. Inventory = 1. BETR0178 paper$5.95.


Wabun & Weinstock. Medicine man interprets ancient philosophies. Illustrated., 272 pages. Inventory = 12. ISBN: 0-671-75529-9. SISC0180 paper$11.00.


WALK IN BALANCE: The Path to Healthy, Happy, Harmonious Living. Bear, Mulligan, Nufer & Wabun. Holistic pathway to personal enrichment and health. 171 pages. Inventory = 4. SISC6791 paper$12.00.





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"WHO ATE THE BACKYARD?": Living with Wildlife on Private Land. Craighead. Practical ways to encourage certain animals to your property, and ways to discourage unwelcome ones. Illustrations, 104 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. GRTE6602 paper$14.95.

ACCLIMATIZATION: A Sensory and Conceptual Approach to Ecological Involvement. Van Matre. Methods for teaching earth education. Illustrated, 132 pages. Inventory = 1. AMCA8048 paper$7.95.

AMPHIBIANS--Western Outdoor Environmental Guide. Vessel et al. For children 9-13 years (written at 4th grade reading level), teaches basic natural history and ecology--in or out of the classroom. Color illustrations, 32 pages. Teacher's primer available at same price. Inventory = 94. KEEC0314 paper$1.95.


BEACH BIRDS--Western Outdoor Environmental Guide. Vessel et al. For children 9-13 years (written at 4th grade reading level), teaches basic natural history and ecology--in or out of class. Illustrated, 32 pages. Teacher's primer available at same price. Inventory = 63. KEEC0309 paper$1.95.


AND NO BIRDS SING: The Story of an Ecological Disaster in a Tropical Paradise. Jaffe. About the sudden disappearance of the birds of Guam. 283 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC5039 cloth$23.00.





THE BOOK OF FIRE. Cottrell. Fundamental concepts show how energy from sun is captured and stored by living cells, later released in fire. 64 color illustrations, 80 pages. Inventory = 2. MOPR3820 paper$6.95.

COMPLEXITY: The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos. Waldrop. Probings at the Santa Fe Institute toward a new way of merging sciences. 380 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6067 cloth$23.00.

CONIFEROUS TREES--Western Outdoor Environmental Guide. Vessel et al. For children 9-13 years (written at 4th grade level), teaches basic natural history and ecology--in or out of the classroom. Color illustrations, 32 pages. Teacher's primer available at same price. Inventory = 37. KEEC312 paper$1.95.



THE DARK ROMANCE OF DIAN FOSSEY. Hayes. Story of gorilla researcher in Africa, her love for the animals and her study methods and life style, ending in her murder. Photos, 351 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC2579 paper$10.95.

DARWIN'S DANGEROUS IDEA: Evolution and the Meanings of Life. Dennett. Demonstrates power of theory of evolution and how that idea impacts our traditional view of our place in the universe. Illustrated, 587 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6088 cloth$30.00.




DEGREES OF DISASTER: Prince William Sound--How Nature Reels and Rebounds. Wheelwright. Reports Alaska's environmental upset when an oil tanker spilled. 348 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6878 cloth$24.00.

THE EARTH-MAN STORY:  Parks, Man, and His Environment. Lambert. Explore an environmental ethic for the Shenandoah National Park area. Photos, maps, 208 pages. Inventory = 1. MISC9392 paper$6.95.

EARTHCLOCK: A Narrative Calendar of Nature's Seasons. Nygaard. Philosophical musings arranged by time of year, by a naturalist. Originally published at $8.95. Inventory = 1. ZZXS5165 cloth$8.95.

ECOLOGUE: The Environmental Catalogue and Consumer's Guide for a Safe Earth. Anderson What products to buy/avoid; recycling; earth-mending. Illustrated, 255 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. SISC5282 paper$18.95.


ELEMENTS OF OUTDOOR RECREATION PLANNING. Driver. 25 experts provide a comprehensive contemporary view of outdoor recreation planning, including recreational trends, policy formulation, regional planning, cultural preferences,financing problems, private sector role. 328 pages. Inventory = 1. UMIC3929 paper$10.95.

ENERGY BOOK #1: Natural Sources & Backyard Applications. Prenis. Myriad ideas about developing alternative sources of energy: wind, solar, tidal, wood, ocean thermal power, and many more for exploration, experimentation, and application. Illustrated, 112 large-format pages. Inventory = 2. RUNN3001 paper$7.95.

ENERGY BOOK #2: More Natural Sources & Backyard Applications. Prenis. Anthology of alternate sources of energy explains what energy is and gives do-it-yourself projects for non-conventional power. Illustrated, 12 large-format pages. Inventory = 4. RUNN3002 paper$5.00.


THE ENERGY BOOK: A Look At The Death Throes Of One Energy Era And The Birth Pangs Of Another. Hanley. Inventory = 1. STGR3430 cloth$11.95.

FIFTY YEARS OF RESIDENT OUTDOOR EDUCATION (1930-1980): Its Impact on American Education. Hammerman. A collection of writings by leaders in the movement to include the outdoor experience in the school curriculum. Photos, 147 pages. Inventory = 1. AMCA3317 paper$15.00.

FOOTPRINTS ON THE PLANET: A Search for an Environmental Ethic. Cahn. Provides insights into evolution of concern for the American environment among the government, business, and financial communities. 287 pages. Inventory = 1. UNIV3928 paper$5.95.

THE GREEN ENCYCLOPEDIA. Franck & Brownstone. An A-to-Z Sourcebook of Environmental Concerns and Solutions. 494 pages. Inventory = 1. PRHA8747 paper$20.00.


Where the jobs are, job hunting skills, how to write the best resume. 272 pages. Stackpole Books: Harrisburg, PA. ISBN: 0-8117-1047-5. New with small tear on back of dust jacket. Inventory = 6. STAC3280 cloth$14.95.



THE HAWKWEED PASSIVE SOLAR HOUSE BOOK. Wright. Tells how to design and build your own sun-heated home or how to add solar heating to your present home. Photos, drawings, 192 pages. Inventory = 1. RAMC3182 paper$8.95.

HOME HEATING WITH COAL: Energy for the Eighties. Sherman.

Explains the new coal-heating technology: selection and use of new precision coal stoves, cost efficiency, storage, reliability, pollution standards, handling, installation. Photos, 208 pages. ISBN:0-8117-2081-0. Stackpole Books: Harrisburg, PA. New condition Inventory =10. STAC3235 paper$8.95. 

INSECTS--Western Outdoor Environmental Guide. Vessel et al. For children 9-13 years (written at 4th grade level), teaches basic natural history and ecology--in or out of class. Illustrated, 32 pages. Teaches primer available at same price. Inventory = 12. KEEC0308 paper$1.95.




THE LAST BIT-BEAR. Robinson. Fable about the last bear of its kind in search of the key to survival. 48 pages. Inventory = 1. YELL5139 paper$3.95.

MIRACLE UNDER THE OAKS: The Revival of Nature in America. Stevens. Developing grassroots environmental movement is bent on restoring ecosystems and thereby aiding survival of endangered and other species. 332 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6178 cloth$22.00.

MIRACLE UNDER THE OAKS: The Revival of Nature in America. Stevens. Developing grassroots environmental movement is bent on restoring ecosystems and thereby aiding survival of endangered and other species. 332 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6321 paper$12.00.

NATURE'S KEEPERS: The New Science of Nature Management. Budiansky. Modern environmental research shows how ecosystems operate, how humans are a part of them. Photos, 310 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6109 cloth$25.00.

OF TIGERS AND MEN: Entering the Age of Extinction. Ives. A quest to encounter the tiger in his own territory before they vanish form the earth. 304 pages. Inventory = 1. MISC1089 paper$12.50.


A Pictorial History of Smokejumping

by Stan Cohen

8-1/2x11, 180 pgs., 300 photos, 4 pgs. of color. ISBN 0-933126-40-9. #PIHI1574 paper$12.95. Out of print; Inventory=1.



PLANT EXTINCTION: A Global Crisis. Koopowitz. Case studies of plants that are being lost worldwide. Illustrated, 256 pages. Inventory = 1. JOHN2865 cloth$18.95.

THE POWER OF PLACE: How Our Surroundings Shape Our Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. Gallagher. 240 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7778 cloth$22.00.

PRIMER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL TRIPS (A) using Western Outdoor Environmental Guides. Vessel.

Suggests exercises for students using the Western Outdoor Environmental Guides before, during, and after trips afield, including Things to Do and Think About, plus references and names of common plants and animals. Illustrated, 41 pages. Inventory = 17. KEE0C315 paper$1.95.


SHARING NATURE WITH CHILDREN: A Parents' and Teachers' Nature-awareness Guidebook. Cornell. Activities to develop intuitive qualities in children for observing the natural world and understanding it. Illustrated, 143 pages. Inventory = 1. DAWN2222 paper$7.95.

SUNSHIP EARTH: An Acclimatization Program for Outdoor Learning. Van Matre. Teaching program using the senses to help understand how the world functions. 265 pages. Inventory = 1. AMCA8047 paper$14.95.

THESE ARE THE ENDANGERED. Cadieux. Case studies of endangered mammals of North America. Illustrated, 240 pages. Inventory = 5. JOHN7675 cloth$16.95.






A THOUSAND-MILE WALK TO THE GULF. Muir. Muir's walk from Indiana across Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia to the Gulf Coast in 1867. 218 pages. Inventory = 3. Order #: HOMI617 paper$9.95.

THE TRUE STATE OF THE PLANET: Ten of the World's Premier Environmental Researches in a Major Challenge to the Environmental Movement. Bailey. Confronts and rebuts some fundamental tenets of environmentalists. Illustrated, 472 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6177 paper$15.00.

UNNATURAL FAUNA: A Guide to the People of the American Outdoors. Poster. Vignettes of folks in the woods, on the lakes and rivers, in campgrounds, and on and in the snow. 45 illustrations, , 96 pages. Inventory = 2.                   ICSB5538 paper$7.95.

VANISHING FISHES OF NORTH AMERICA. Ono. In-depth look at endangered and threatened fishes for reference, research, or reading by concerned conservationists. Illustrated, 272 pages. Inventory = 1. INPG2869 cloth$29.95.

THE VOICE OF THE EARTH. Roszak. Looks at the psychological underpinnings of our ecological crisis. 365 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6072 cloth$23.00.

THE VOICE OF THE EARTH. Roszak. Looks at the psychological underpinnings of our ecological crisis. 365 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7765 paper$13.00.


A WALK ACROSS AMERICA. Inventory = 1. RAHO5373 paper$4.95.

WALKING DOWN THE WILD: A Journey Through the Yellowstone Rockies. Ferguson. Naturalist's observations and musings about nature and its purpose. 204 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC3131 cloth$20.00.

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ASTRONOMY HANDBOOK. Muirden. Packed with info on stars, constellations, sun, solar system, meteors, comets. Color illustrations, star maps, moon charts, 189 pages. Inventory =1. SISC6862 paper$10.95.


Originally published at $8.95 Inventory = 10. ISBN: 0-690-01723-5. ZZBW7663 cloth$3.98/60.

ATLAS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM. Moore & Hunt. Authoritative account of the sun's planets and their features, including origin and evolution. 850 photos (150 in color), 500 diagrams, 464 large-format pages. Inventory = 1.                      RAMC2953 paper$19.95.


THE BASIC ESSENTIALS OF WEATHER FORECASTING. Hodgson. Predict weather when in backcountry to decide to stay put, go on, or get out. Illustrated, 72 pages. Inventory = 2. ICSB5258 paper$6.95.

BINOCULARS AND ALL PURPOSE TELESCOPES. Paul. Guide to which ones to get for specialized purposes, how they work, and what they can do for you in astronomy, hiking, hunting, nature study, travel, telephotography. Photos, 96 pages. Inventory = 4. MISC3927 cloth$11.95.

COSMOS. Carl Sagan. Story of astronomy and the 15 billion years in the cosmos that preceded the curren human experience on Earth. Over 250 color illustrations, 380 large-format pages. Dust jacket has tear. Inventory = 1. RAHO3460 cloth$19.95.


THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WEATHER FACTS & FEATS. Holford. Inventory = 1. STER3502 cloth$17.95.



THE PRACTICAL ASTRONOMER. Jones. Guide to night skies from unaided eye to telescopes. Color photos and charts. 160 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC5242 paper$15.00.

RECREATION WEATHER. Haupt. Travelers' guidebook to climate and weather associated with recreation areas. 91 pages. Inventory = 6. REWE1902 paper$3.95.





THE SKY OBSERVER'S GUIDEBOOK. Roth. Inventory = 2. PRHA7846 paper$11.95.

SPACE: A Prentice Hall Illustrated Dictionary. Pollard et. al. Dictionary for 9 to 14 year olds. Color drawings, 160 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. PRHA4082 cloth$19.00.

SPENCER CHRISTIAN'S WEATHER BOOK. Christian. Weather forecasting and long-range climate. 25 illustrations , 224 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC2572 paper$12.00.

STARS & OUTER SPACE MADE EASY. Mundt. Introduction to the phenomena of the sky and of astronomy--constellations, double stars, pulsars, the Milky Way, galaxies, and outer space. 14 drawings and star charts, 20 photos, 95 pages. Inventory = 1; otherwise out of print. ISBN: 0-911010-70-X.  Order #: NATG0922 paper$6.95.



TWISTER: The Science of Tornadoes and the Making of an Adventure Movie. Davidson. Including an authorized look at the filming and special effects of "Twister". Inspired by the major motion picture from Warner Bros. Illustrated, 223 pages. Inventory = 1. MISC6600 paper$14.00.


WATER-A Gift of Nature: the story behind the scenery. Robinson, Nelson, Higgins, & Body. Aspects of this precious resource--its cycle, erosive effects, life-sustaining capability, recreational use. 48 large-format pages, color illus. Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-88714-077-7. 1993. Order #: KCPU4938 paper$8.95 






THE WEATHER REPORT. DeNevi. Cause-and-effect analysis of weather trends past and present, plus future patterns. Describes processes that make up the weather and the effects of unusual weather and climatic changes on our environment and economy. Photos, 160 pages. Inventory = 6. CEAR3158 paper$6.95.





WILDLIFE OF THE INTERMOUNTAIN WEST. Brown, Yocom, and Starbuck. Includes common plants and habitats, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. ISBN: 0-911010-14-9. Inventory=2. Order #: NATG3767 paper$10.95





Portable Wind MeterWIND METER. Dwyer. Hand-held meter reads speeds to 66 mph. Includes instructions. Inventory = 30. Order #: DWYE0411 bag$29.75

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