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Contents of this VistaBooks Outlet "New England" page include hiking, skiing,history, Acadia National Park, Boston.

20 BICYCLE TOURS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. Heavey. A guide to selected backcountry roads from the Monadnock region to the north country. Photos, maps, 144 pages. Inventory = 1. BACK4044 paper$5.95.

20 BICYCLE TOURS IN VERMONT. Freidin. Includes 800 miles of sights, delights, and special events. Photos, maps, 160 pages. Inventory = 1. BACK4047 paper$5.95.

25 SKI TOURS IN CENTRAL NEW YORK. Ehling. The best cross-country skiing through the Tug Hill region, the Eastern Ontario lowlands, and the Appalachian highlands. Photos, maps, 143 pages. Inventory = 2.                        BACK4040 paper$5.95.




25 SKI TOURS IN CONNECTICUT. Wass. A trail guide for the cross-country skier--how to get to trailheads, route descriptions, distances. Photos, maps, 120 pages. Inventory = 2. BACK4048 paper$4.95.

25 SKI TOURS IN MAINE. Beiser. From Kittery to Caribou--a cross-country skier's guide to trails through mountain, forest, and seacoast areas, with notes of interest along the ways. Photos, maps, 128 pages. Inventory = 2.                BACK4046 paper$5.95.

25 SKI TOURS IN THE ADIRONDACKS. Coggeshalls. Cross-country skiing adventures in the southern Adirondacks, the Capital district, and Tug Hill. Photos, maps, 143 pages. Inventory = 2. BACK4057 paper$5.95.

25 SKI TOURS IN THE GREEN MOUNTAINS. Fords. A cross-country skier's guide to Vermont's backcountry ski trails. Photos, maps, 128 pages. Inventory = 1. BACK7536 paper$4.95.



25 SKI TOURS IN THE WHITE MOUNTAINS. Fords. A cross-country skier's guide to New Hampshire's backcountry ski trails. How to get there, where to park, and what to look for along the way. Photos, maps, 128 pages.Inventory = 1. BACK4045 paper$4.95.

25 WALKS IN THE FINGER LAKES REGION. Ehling. Scenic rambles and day hikes among the lakes, hills, and gorges of central New York. Photos, maps, 159 pages. Inventory = 1. BACK4042 paper$5.95.

ACADIA: The Story Behind the Scenery (ME). Rothe. Seacoast, wildlife, human history, geology of Maine national park. 66 color photos, 48 large-format pages. Inventory = 7. ISBN: 0-916122-57-3. 1981. Order #: KCPU0739 paper$8.95.





ADIRONDACK ROCK AND ICE CLIMBS. Rosecrans. Covers Adirondack State Park in New York with route descriptions. Photos, drawings, 155 pages. Inventory = 3. GLPE3314 vinyl$9.95.


History and nature of this large park area in New York. 77 color photos, 184 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. RIIN8762 paper$25.00.



BATTLE ROAD: Birthplace of the American Revolution. Cullen. Guide to Minute Man National Historical Park. Chatham: 1970. Drawings, maps, 47 pages. Inventory = 2. MISC3857 paper$3.95.


Gardens, bridges, statues, ships, city buildings, historic sites. Color photos, 72 large-format pages. Inventory =9. ISBN:0-89802-171-5. BEAM0116 paper$7.95.

BEAUTIFUL MAINE. Lewis. Ships, sea, ponds, lakes, lighthouses, covered bridges. Color photos, 72 large-format pages. Inventory = 15. ISBN: 0-89802-306-8. BEAM0123 paper$7.95.

BEAUTIFUL NEW HAMPSHIRE. Lewis. Explores the lakes, mountains, and historical sites through the seasons. Color photos, 72 large-format pages. Inventory = 8. ISBN: 0-89802-288-6. BEAM3017 paper$7.95.


BEAUTIFUL NEW YORK. Ryan. Presents the natural landscapes, historic sites, and cityscapes in mountain and city, with introductory text. Inventory = 9. ISBN: 0-89802-003-4. BEAM3018 paper$6.95.


Rural villages, covered bridges, memorials, mountains. Color photos, 72 large-format pages. Inventory =10. ISBN: 0-89802-104-9. BEAM0117 paper$7.95.



BERKSHIRE TRAILS FOR WALKING AND SKI TOURING. Griswold. Guide to New England mountain district. Maps, drawings, 192 pocket-sized pages. Inventory = 2. GLPE0414 paper$7.95.

CANOEING MASSACHUSETTS, RHODE ISLAND, AND CONNECTICUT. Weber. Flatwater and whitewater trips, distances, put-ins and take-outs, river conditions. Photos, maps, 159 pages. Inventory = 2.                           BACK4052 paper$6.95.

CANOEING THE JERSEY PINE BARRENS. Parnes. Guide to 13 pineland streams, with techniques. 30 illustrations, 20 maps, 256 pages. Inventory = 1. GLPE0426 paper$11.95.

CAPE COD: The Story Behind the Scenery (MA). Kaye. Shore, sea, ships, people at Atlantic Ocean park. 54 color photos, 48 large-format pages. Inventory = 4. ISBN: 0-916122-73-5. 1980. Order #: KCPU0714 paper$11.95.





DISCOVER THE ADIRONDACKS, 2. McMartin. Walks, waterways, and winter treks in the southern Adirondacks. Photos, maps, 224 pages. Inventory = 3. BACK4039 paper$7.95.

DISCOVER THE ADIRONDACKS, 1: From Indian Lake to the Hudson River. McMartin. A four-season guide to the out-of-doors: hiking trail, snowshoeing and ski-touring, campsites, canoe trips, swimming holes, fishing spots, mines and caves, scenic views. Photos, maps 190 pages. Inventory = 3. BACK4038 paper$6.95.

THE DOWN EAST GUIDE TO LAKES AND PONDS OF MT. DESERT. Newlin. Hike, fish, picnic, swim, canoe on Acadia National park's Mt Desert Island. Maps, photos, 208 pages. Inventory = 1. DOEA3012 paper$12.95.

FIFTY HIKES IN CONNECTICUT. Hardys. A guide to short walks and day hikes in the Nutmeg State. Photos, maps, 192 pages. Inventory = 1. BACK7531 paper$8.95.

FIFTY MORE HIKES IN MAINE. Catlett. Day hikes and backpacking trips from the rocky coast to the north Maine woods, including less-traveled routes in Baxter State Park and Acadia National Park. Photos, maps, 189 pages. Inventory = 3. BACK4059 paper$8.95.

GUIDE TO CAPE COD. Pratson. 4-season guide to lodging, restaurants, beaches, shops. 50 illustrations,  maps, 193 pages. Inventory = 1. GLPE9188 paper$9.95.

HIKING FROM INN TO INN: Wilderness Walking Tours with Comfortable Overnight Lodging from Maine to Georgia. MacInnes. Covers 13 tours in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia. Maps, drawings, 191 pages. Inventory = 3. GLPE0413 paper$7.95.

AN ISLAND SUMMER. Teller. The joyful record of a vintage family holiday on Martha's Vineyard. Inventory = 1. CHAT3141 paper$4.95.

THE JERSEY SHORE: A Pleasure Guide. Santelli. Information on beaches, boardwalks, amusement areas, historical sights, cultural attractions, restaurants from Sandy Hook and Gateway National Recreation Area to Cape May. Photos, 192 pages. Inventory = 1. GLPE4388 paper$9.95.

THE MAINE COAST: A Nature Lover's Guide. Miller. Excursions along Maine's coastal highway from Kittery to Eastport in a concise handbook on the climate, biology, and geology and how environmental and cultural forces have shaped the natural history. Illustrated, 189 pages. Inventory = 2. GLPE2290 paper$7.95.

MAINE GEOGRAPHIC--LIGHTHOUSES: A Guide to Many of Maine's Coastal and Offshore Guardians. DeLorme.

History, characteristics, settings. Color illustrations, map, 48 pages. Inventory = 14. DELO9442 paper$4.95.






MASSACHUSETTS: The Spirit of Massachusetts Guidebook. Discovery Publications. The official Commonwealth of Massachusetts Traveler's Guide. Color illustrations,  map, 201 large-format pages. Inventory = 2. ALNO3121 paper$4.95.

MOUNT DESERT ISLAND ROAD & TRAIL MAP. 1979 Boundaries of Acadia National Park. Inventory = 1. MISC3201 paper$2.00.

THE NATIVE MAMMALS, REPTILES, & AMPHIBIANS OF MOUNT DESERT ISLAND, MAINE. Coman. Guide to park's animals. Illustrated, 32 pages. Inventory = 1. ACAD2238 paper$3.95.

THE NEW ENGLAND GUEST HOUSE BOOK. Ross. Guide to 156 in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,  Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Photos, maps, 192 pages. Inventory = 4. GLPE0422 paper$7.95.


Portrays the northeastern US areas of history, scenery: the White Mountains, Connecticut River Valley, Atlantic Shore, Berkshire Hills, and more. Color photos, 120 large-format pages. Inventory = 8. ISBN: 0-528-88163-9.     RAMC2939 paper$8.95.



PELICAN GUIDE TO HISTORIC HOMES AND SITES OF REVOLUTIONARY AMERICA (THE), Vol. 1: New England. Hechtlinger. Covers Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut from the standpoint of landmarks dating from the Revolutionary epoch. Photos, 128 pages. Inventory = 3.                           PELI2814 paper$7.95.

PORTRAIT OF MAINE. Smith. A visual feast of the Pine Tree State: contorted coastline, wilderness forests, river courses, tall summits, trails. 71 color illustrations. Inventory = 1. GRAC4939 paper$6.95.

ROXY'S SKI GUIDE TO NEW ENGLAND. Rothafel. An insider's look at skiing and the ski industry in New England: impressions of the areas and descriptions , characteristics of resorts, slope conditions, and more. 190 pages. Inventory = 2. GLPE4055 paper$7.95.

SHORT NATURE WALKS ON CAPE COD AND THE VINEYARD. Sadliers. 26 trips to woods, mashes, swamps, seashores, dunes, ponds. 28 photos, 28 maps, 128 pages. Inventory = 1. GLPE7893 paper$8.95.

UPSTATE NEW YORK: Field Guide. VanDiver. Geologic features seen along the road at quarries, overlooks, parks. Maps, photos, 286 pages. Inventory = 2. KEHU0748 paper$17.95.

THE VISITOR'S GUIDE TO CAPE COD NATIONAL SEASHORE. Koehler. Covers nature trails and bicycle paths, guided walks and lectures, exhibits and deomonstrations, historic buildings and landmarks, beaches and over-sand driving. Illustrated, 80 pages, 1973. Covers scuffed. Inventory = 1. MISC5986 paper$1.95.

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