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Contents of this page include science, family, medicine, self-help, logic, business, and more.

"WE HAVE CONQUERED PAIN": The Discovery of Anesthesia. Fradin. 148 pages. Inventory = 1.             SISC8805 cloth$16.00.

1601 or A FIRESIDE CONVERSATION IN YE TIME OF QUEEN ELIZABETH. Mark Twain. Risque and vulgar, but historic.

Facsimile of 1934 edition. Illustrated, 28 pages. Inventory = 15. ISBN: 0-86541-025-9. Order #: FILT3265 paper$3.95




ABDUCTION: Human Encounters with Aliens. Mack. Explores evidence of non-human intelligence. 432 pages. Inventory = 1. SCRI8760 cloth$22.00.


ABOUT TIME: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution. Davies. Mysteries of time, consequences of relativity theory, latest theories. 316 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC4576 cloth$24.00.




ABOUT TIME: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution. Davies. Explores the riddle of time. 316 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC1567 paper$14.00.

ALONE: Emotional, legal and financial help for the widowed or divorced woman. Antoniak. Inventory = 1.       CEAR3635 paper$6.95.

ANCESTRAL PASSIONS. Morell. The Leakey Family and the Quest for Humankind's Beginnings. Inventory = 1. SISC6038 cloth$30.00.

ANCESTRAL PASSIONS: The Leakey Family and the Quest for Humankind's Beginnings. Morell. 638 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC8852 paper$16.00.

APE MAN: The Story of Human Evolution. Caird. Explores our origins. traits making us human, our brains, use of language, art. Color photos, 192 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. MACM8533 cloth$30.00.


ASTONISHING HYPOTHESIS (THE): The Scientific Search for the Soul. Crick. Argues that consciousness and what has long been called the soul are now accessible to scientific investigation. Illustrated, 331 pages. Inventory = 1.         SISC6096 paper$14.00.




BEYOND THE LOVE GAME: An Inner Guide to Finding Your Mate. Scheid. 144 pages. Inventory = 2.      CEAR3546 paper$7.95.

BILLION-DOLLAR MOLECULE: One Company's Quest for the Perfect Drug. Werth. How science and business have interacted in the search for a virus-suppressing drug. 448 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC4580 paper$14.00.

BILLION-DOLLAR MOLECULE: One Company's Quest for the Perfect Drug. Werth. How science and business have interacted in the search for a virus-suppressing drug. 448 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC0992 paper$25.00.



BRAINMAKERS. Freedman. How scientists are moving beyond computers to create a rival to the human brain. 224 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC4579 cloth$22.00.

BRAINMAKERS. Freedman. How scientists are moving beyond computers to create a rival to the human brain. 215 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6012 paper$12.00.

CO-PARENTING: Sharing Your Child Equally. Galper. A sourcebook for the separated or divorced family. Inventory = 1. RUNN3663 paper$6.95.

COMPLEXITY: The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos. Waldrop. Probings at the Santa Fe Institute toward a new way of merging sciences. 380 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC5697 paper$12.00.

CONVERSATIONS: Working Women talk about doing a "man's job". Wetherby. Inventory = 1.                 CEAR3659 paper$6.95.

CORRECTING THE CODE: Inventing the Genetic Cure for the Human Body. Thompson. Explains human gene therapy, using altered genetic material for medical treatment. 378 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC5037 cloth$23.00.

DANCING AS A CAREER FOR MEN. Glasstone. Inventory = 1. STER3662 cloth$10.95.

DARK SUN: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb. Rhodes. Comprehensive history of the bomb, creation, detonation. Photos, 731 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6083 cloth$32.50.

DARK SUN: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb. Rhodes. 731 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC8812 paper$16.00.




DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS. Polland. Inventory = 2. CEAR3622 paper$6.95.


Troubleshooting manual for your body, explains breathing, blood circulation, digestive system, sex & venereal disease, nervous system, mental health, and drugs. Inventory = 7. CEAR3405 paper$8.95.



THE DREAMING UNIVERSE: A Mind-expanding Journey into the Realm where Psyche and Physics Meet. Wolf. Synthesis of mythology, anthropology, dream, and consciousness research, and modern physics. 413 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6141 paper$13.00.

DRESS FOR HEALTH: The New Clothes-consciousness. Nussdorfs. Puts dress in a context of total well-being, comfort, and style, with 23 comfortable designs. Illustrated, 223 pages. Inventory = 1. ZZXS5175 cloth$16.95.

DU'A, ON WINGS OF PRAYER. Moffett. Inventory = 1; otherwise out of print. NATG3640 paper$6.95.

EATING RIGHT: Before, During, and After Pregnancy. Whelan. Inventory = 1. MISC3619 paper$6.95.

THE EVOLUTION OF RACISM: Human Differences and the Use and Abuse of Science. Shipman. 316 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC5038 cloth$23.00.

FAREWELLS ARE ONLY BEGINNINGS. Betts. Inventory = 1. CEAR3551 paper$6.95.

FUZZY LOGIC. McNeill & Freiberger. Discovery of a revolutionary computer technology--and how it's changing our world. 317 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC0105 paper$12.00.

THE GOOD SERVANT: Making Peace with the Bomb at Los Alamos. Bailey. Roles of this scientific community in making nuclear weapons and peacetime research. 188 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6103 cloth$22.00.




HANDBOOK OF ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY (Simon & Schuster's). Bevan. Skeleton, joints, muscle, digestion, respiration, circulation, sensory organs, sex, growth. Color illustrations, 96 large-format pages. Inventory = 1.             SISC2829 paper$13.00.

THE HEALING BLADE: A Tale of Neurosurgery. Sylvester. Insight into modern medical field. 240 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC5914 cloth$22.00.



HOW THE LEOPARD CHANGED ITS SPOTS: The Evolution of Complexity. Goodwin. Explores concepts of science. 252 pages. Inventory = 1. SCRI8756 cloth$23.00.

HUMAN BODY: A Prentice Hall Illustrated Dictionary. Sainsbury et. al. Dictionary for 9 to 14 year olds. Color drawings, 160 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. PRHA4080 cloth$19.00.

HUMANITY'S DESCENT: The Consequences of Ecological Instability. Potts. Place of humans in earth's long history. 331 pages. Inventory = 1. MISC1090 paper$14.00.

I AM CHRYSTIE. Jenner. Inventory = 1. CEAR3658 paper$6.95.

IMAGES AND RAINBOWS. Vol. 1, 1980 journal of Arizona Poetry Assn. Inventory = 1. MISC3681 paper$3.50.

JUST IN CASE. Moir. Inventory = 1. CHRO3713 paper$6.95.

THE LAST HARVEST: The Genetic Gamble that Threatens to Destroy American Agriculture. Raeburn. How loss of natural genetic diversity in cultivated crops could result in devastating vulnerability to pollution and pestilence. 269 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6147 cloth$24.00.

LATIN AMERICAN CONSPIRACY. Geldern. Novel of change, politics that bring it about, and a radical new economic system. 310 pages. Inventory = 1. MISC6223 cloth$18.95.

LIFE ON THE SCREEN: Identity in the Age of the Internet. Turkle. The relationship between computers and people. 347 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6107 cloth$25.00.

LIFESPAN: Who Lives Longer and Why. Moore. Discusses and documents what matters in the quest for living longer and what is not so important. 318 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7972 cloth$23.00.

THE LIVES TO COME: The Genetic Revolution and Human Possibilities. Kitcher. Molecular biology raises scientific and moral issues as the human gene is mapped. Illustrated, 381 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7772 cloth$25.00.




THE MAKING OF THE ATOMIC BOMB. Rhodes. How, in some 25 years, atomic theory went from theoretical discussions of nuclear energy to the bright glare of Trinity; the Manhattan Project; dropping bombs on Japan. Photos, 886 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6151 cloth$16.00.

MAN AND MICROBES: Disease and Plagues in History and Modern Times. Karlen. Inventory = 1.             SISC8801 paper$13.00.

MARIE CURIE: A Life. Quinn. Biography of X-ray pioneer. 509 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC4569 cloth$30.00.





MEASURE FOR MEASURE: A Musical History of Science. Levenson. Insightful guide to music's mathematical underpinnings. Illustrated, 351 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC4570 cloth$25.00.

MEASURE FOR MEASURE: A Musical History of Science. Levenson. Guide to music's mathematical underpinnings and a lively tour through the history of science. 351 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6105 paper$14.00.




MEMORY'S GHOST: The Nature of Memory and the Strange Tale of Mr. M. Hilts. The mechanics of memory and what it means to be human. 253 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC8810 paper$12.00.

THE MIND OF GOD: The Scientific Basis for a Rational World. Davies. Re-examines the great questions of existence. 254 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC4882 paper$12.00.

THE MODULAR BRAIN. Restak. How new discoveries in neuroscience are answering age-old questions about memory, free will, consciousness, and personal identity. 218 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6006 paper$14.00.

THE MODULAR BRAIN. Restak. New discoveries in neuro-science answer questions about memory, free will, consciousness, identity. 199 pages. Inventory = 1. SCRI8759 cloth$22.00.

THE NEW AMERICAN MEDICINE SHOW. Oyle. Treating disease and illness through the mind. Inventory = 1. CEAR3847 paper$5.95.

OLD AGE--A BALANCE SHEET. Cahill. A sensitive and inspiring analysis of the assets and liabilities of old age. Photos, 80 pages. Inventory = 6. WIWO3768 paper$3.95.

A PERFECT HARMONY: The Intertwining Lives of Animals and Humans Throughout History. Caras. 271 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC8809 cloth$23.00.

QUEST FOR PERFECTION: The Drive to Breed Better Human Beings. Maranto. 335 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC8808 cloth$25.00.





RACE, ROCK & RELIGION: Profiles From A Southern Journalist Gaillar. Inventory = 1. GLPE3631 cloth$12.95.

REMARRIAGE: A Guide for Singles, Couples, and Families. Lorimer. Inventory = 1. RUNN3644 paper$6.95.

THE SCIENCE OF DESIRE: The Search for the Gay Gene and the Biology of Behavior. Hamer & Copeland. How it was discovered that a gene plays a significant role in determining sexuality, and what it means for human behavior in general. 272 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7805 paper$13.00.

THE SENSIBLE BOOK: A Celebration of Your Five Senses. Polland. Inventory = 2. CEAR3623 paper$7.95.

SPACE: Discovery and Exploration. Collins & Kraemer. Modern space exploration described and explained, with historical beginnings of space probes. Color photos, 321 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. SISC8583 cloth$75.00.





STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: The Volunteer Resource Book. Knipe. Rewarding ideas for individuals, families, businesses, schools, churches. 285 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC6017 paper$12.00.


Inventory = 4. ANWO3420 paper$6.95.




THE TERRITORIAL IMPERATIVE: A Personal Inquiry into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations. Ardrey. Inventory = 1. MISC3522 cloth$12.95.

THE THIRD CULTURE: Beyond the Scientific Revolution. Brockman. How literary intellectuals and scientists are emerging into a third culture. 413 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC8806 paper$14.00.

THIS TIMELESS MOMENT: A Personal View of Aldous Huxley. Huxley.

Story of Huxley's later years, when he devoted his time to lecturing, writing and, in partnership with wife, Laura, to finding ways of "opening the mind". Inventory = 5. CEAR3657 paper$7.95.



THE TIME BEFORE HISTORY: 5 Million Years of Human Impact. Tudge. Man's past from 5 million years ago to 10,000 years ago, when history began. 366 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7771 cloth$27.50.

TIME DETECTIVES: How Archeologists Use Technology to Recapture the Past. Fagan. Recent discoveries are explained, showing how modern methods made them possible. Maps, illustrations, 288 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC4578 cloth$24.00.

THE TIMETABLES OF TECHNOLOGY: A Chronology of the Most Important People and Events in the History of Technology. Bunch & Hellemans. How the modern technological world came to be, organized along time lines. 490 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. SISC8581 paper$20.00.

THE TIMETABLES OF TECHNOLOGY: A Chronology of the Most Important People and Events in the History of Technology. Bunch & Hellemans. 490 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. SISC0993 cloth$35.00.


THE UNSINKABLE TITANIC THOMPSON. Stowers. Story of a good ole boy who became a world super star gambler and hustler. 244 pages. Inventory = 2. EAKI4028 paper$9.95.


WHERE WIZARDS STAY UP LATE: The Origin of the Internet. Hafner & Lyon. History of internet communications system. 304 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC8802 cloth$24.00.




WHISPERS: The Voices of Paranoia. Siegel. A dozen case studies lead into the dark mysteries of the human mind. 310 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7728 paper$13.00.

THE WORLD OF EMILY HOWLAND: Odyssey of a Humanitarian. Breault. Inventory = 2.                       CEAR3633 paper$6.95.

YOUR WEDDING: A Complete Guide to Planning and Enjoying It. Piccione. Inventory = 17. ISBN:0-13-981407-8.                      PRHA3483 paper$4.95.




AMERICAN BOOK TRADE DIRECTORY, 27th Edition, 1981. Inventory = 1. BOWK3672 cloth$69.95.

BERNARD HALDANE ASSOCIATES' JOB & CAREER BUILDING. Germann. Inventory = 1.                   TESP3626 paper$6.95.

THE BILLION DOLLAR MOLECULE: One Company's Quest for the Perfect Drug. Werth. 445 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC0992 cloth$25.00.

EVERY WOMAN'S GUIDE TO TIME MANAGEMENT. Goldfein. Inventory = 1. CEAR3642 paper$5.95.

FUZZY LOGIC. McNeill & Freiberger. Discovery of a revolutionary computer technology--and how it's changing our world. 317 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC3248 cloth$22.00.

GO FOR IT! How To Get Your First Good Job. Douglas.

A career-planning guide for young adults. Inventory = 4. CHRO3827 paper$7.95.



HOW TO TYPESET FROM A WORD PROCESSOR: An Interfacing Guide. Labuz. Inventory = 1.                MISC3686 paper$29.95.

MONEY AND MATHEMATICS: A Prentice-Hall Illustrated Dictionary. Nugent & Fellows. Covers geometric shapes, multiplication and division, banking, world currencies, inflation, more. Over 800 entries, 225 color illustrations. Inventory = 1. SISC3785 cloth$19.00.

SEIZING THE FUTURE. Zey. How the coming revolution in science, technology, and industry will expand the frontiers of human potential and reshape the planet. 414 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC0991 cloth$24.00.

WHO'S HIRING WHO? Lathrop. Do what this book says and you may find a better job, faster. 264 pages. Inventory = 1. TESP3627 paper$7.95.

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