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Contents of this "Southern U.S." page include history and natural history, Everglades, Great Smoky Mountains, and Virgin Islands National Parks.

ANIMAL FRIENDS OF THE SMOKIES. Hubbard. Children's book on how animals of Great Smoky Mountains live through year. Illustrations by Bob Hines, 32 large-format pages. Inventory = 6. AWAN6164 paper$2.50.


THE BAREFOOT MAILMAN. Pratt. Inventory = 2. MOCK5956 paper$2.75.

BEAUTIFUL NORTH CAROLINA. Fagan. Mountains, swamp, wildflowers, coast. Color photos, 72 large-format pages. Inventory = 3. BEAM6182 paper$7.95.





BISCAYNE: the story behind the scenery. Landrum. Coral reefs and marine gardens of this offshore Florida national park, including sea turtles, manatees, reef diving. 48 pages, color illus., map. Inventory = 1. ISBN: 0-88714-048-33. 1990. Order #: KCPU4718 paper$8.95


BLOW FOR A LANDING. Burman. Enchanting novel about the Mississippi and the people who make their lives along it. 250 pages. Inventory = 1. MOCK3597 paper$1.50.

BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN PLEASURES. Wenberg. Guide to north Georgia, western NC and upcountry South Carolina: restaurants, rockhounding, flea markets and festivals, wagon trains, waterfalls, whitewater rafting, skiing, inns. 50 drawings, maps, 280 pages. Inventory = 5. GLPE431 paper$10.95.




THE BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY. Jolley. Conception of this ridgeline road, history of land and people along the route, and guide. Photos, 186 pages. Inventory = 2. CORU2196 paper$5.95.

CAJUN BOY: The Story of Acadiana. Sonnier. Migration of hardy French-Canadian pioneers to bayous of Louisiana. 91 pages. Inventory = 5. EXPO0445 cloth$6.50.





THE CHARLESTON STORY: Scenes from a City's History. Marion. Inventory = 2. STAC3616 paper$10.95.

CHEROKEE COOKLORE. Ulmer & Beck. Using wild foods and herbs known to Cherokee native Americans for bread, corn, beans, game dishes. Shows cook in action. Photos, 71 pages. Inventory = 3. CHER7273 paper$3.50.

CHEROKEE PLANTS. Chiltoskey. Natural recipes and remedies from Cherokee Indian culture. 72 pages. Inventory = 5. CHER7279 paper$3.50.

CHILDREN OF STRANGERS: A Vivid and Intimate Novel of a Girl and  Unique Community in the Deep South. Saxon. A story set in Plantation Louisiana at the century's turn, of farming on a remnant plot from the much larger original plantation. 181 pages. Inventory = 3. MOCK3591 paper$2.75.

CIVIL WAR PARKS: The Story Behind the Scenery. Davis. Overview of war through capsule descriptions of 26 battle parks. 71 color photos, 64 large-format pages. Inventory = 7. ISBN: 0-916122-95-6. 1984.Order #: KCPU3852 paper$8.95.






THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE: The Story of the Natchez Trace. Daniels. Old trail's drama and role in American history. 278 pages. Inventory = 5. PELI2817 paper$4.25.

EVERGLADES: The Story Behind the Scenery (FL). de Golia. River of grass and its reptiles, bird life, human and park history of Florida National park. 102 color photos, 64 large-format pages. Inventory = 6. ISBN: 0-916122-55-7. 1981 Order #: KCPU4037 paper$8.95.



EVERGLADES IN PICTURES: the continuing story. Cox. See this fascinating blend of land and sea, from its human resident the Seminoles and Miccosukees. 48 large-format pages, 82 color photos & 5 maps/diagrams. Inventory = 1. ISBN: 88714-040-8. 1989. Order #: KCPU4746 paper$11.95





FORT SUMTER: Anvil of War. Barnes. National Park Service Handbook of Confederate bombardment and capture of Union fort in South Carolina, subsequent role in defending Charleston harbor. Color illustrations, 64 pages. Inventory = 1. USGB2459 paper$4.95.

THE FOUR LIVES OF MUNDY TOLLIVER. Burman. Southern novel of soldier returning from war and drifting to find a life at home again, giving a picture of the swampland Cajun country. 217 pages. Inventory = 1. MOCK3598 paper$1.50.

THE FRENCH QUARTER AND OTHER NEW ORLEANS SCENES. Arrigo. Sketches of city's most charming landmarks accompanied by descriptions of significance. Illustrated, 91 pages. Inventory = 4. PELI2816 paper$7.95.

THE GRAND STRAND: An Uncommon Guide to Myrtle Beach and Its Surroundings. Rhyne. South Carolina coastal sights. Photos, 123 pages. Inventory = 6. GLPE0419 paper$5.95.




GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS & SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARKS, BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY. National Parks Recreation Directory. Inventory = 4. RAMC1169 paper$9.95.

GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK, SOUTHERN BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY & SURROUNDING AREA. Rand McNally. Facilities, activities, park features, seasons. 160 pages. Inventory = 5. RAMC2952 paper$3.95.

GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK: At Home in the Smokies--A History Handbook for Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Dykeman & Stokely. National Park Service Handbook to people who settled and lived in these Tennessee/North Carolina mountains: native Americans, history, historical sites. Color illustrations, 160 pages. Inventory = 3. USGB4605 paper$8.95.


GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS: The Story Behind the Scenery (VA). Canter. Shaping land, wildlife and flowers, hill people of national park in NC/TN. 46 color photos, 48 large-format pages. Inventory = 10.  ISBN: 0-916122-59-X. 1979. Order #: KCPU0743 paper$8.95.



A GUIDE TO TREASURE IN KENTUCKY. Henson. Describes old forts, trading posts, settlements,  Civil War battles as sites to look for buried caches. Photos, 103 pages. Inventory = 8. CARS271 paper$7.95.

A GUIDE TO TREASURE IN TENNESSEE. Henson. County listings give treasure leads and helpful info on lost mines, ghost towns, mill sites, and sunken ships. 124 pages. Inventory = 6. CARS9195 paper$7.95.




HIKING GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS. Albrights. Hikes in Cades Cove, Cucumber Gap, Pinnacle Creek, Sugarland Mountain, more. 14 maps, 12 photos, 160 pages. Inventory = 1. GLPE7883 paper$9.95.

JUST FOLKS: Visitin' with Carolina People. Bledsoe. Writings about "home folks" gleaned from tales told by hundreds of people; little vignettes of personal lives that reveal the cultural values of folks on the coast, piedmont, or in the mountains. Illustrated, 208 pages. Inventory = 1. GLPE3568 cloth$9.95.

LAFITTE: The Terror of The Gulf.  Gonzalez. Biography of coastal pirate for young readers. 64 pages. Inventory = 1. EAKI3777 cloth$6.95.

THE LIVING LAND: An Outdoor Guide to North Carolina. Schumann. Surveys the state's natural areas--coastal plain, piedmont, and mountain areas--with histories, incidents, features to see, and how to visit. Photos, maps, 203 pages. Inventory = 4. MISC2991 paper$6.95.

MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST SCENES. Arrigo. Portrays the beauty and charm of the 88 miles of coastline from Louisiana to Alabama and its picturesque towns and cities, with brief descriptions and facts of interest. Illustrated, 96 pages. Inventory = 3. PELI2815 paper$7.95.

MOUNTAINS AND MEADOWLANDS ALONG THE BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY. Presents the scenic beauty available to travelers of the Blue Ridge Parkway, from Pennsylvania to Georgia. Illustrated, 46 pages. Inventory = 1. USGB2348 paper$5.50.

MY ACADIANS. East. A grand lady's love affair with her French-Acadian heritage. Introduction to the people and their culture. Photos, 120 pages. Inventory = 2. EAKI4029 cloth$7.95.

ON THE SPINE OF TIME: An Angler's Love of the Smokies. Middleton. Evokes the deep, rich beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains while introducing local characters and bringing to life the pleasures of fishing its trout-filled streams. 240 pages. Inventory = 1. SISC7154 cloth$18.95.

THE PELICAN GUIDE TO GARDENS OF LOUISIANA. LeBlanc. Contains garden histories, locations, seasonal attractions, special features of the lush garden spots of this state. Photos, maps, 64 pages. Inventory = 3.                    PELI1895 paper$7.95.

THE PELICAN GUIDE TO NEW ORLEANS. Griffin. Details leading attractions of the Crescent City including jazz,  Mardi Gras, tips for a five-day stay, restaurants. Photos, 160 pages. Inventory = 2. PELI2811 paper$7.95.

THE PELICAN GUIDE TO OLD HOMES OF MISSISSIPPI, Vol. 2: Columbus and the North. Kempe. Presents the architectural and historical attractions of Macon, Corinth, Columbus, Starkville, Oxford, Greenville-Delta, and other North Mississippi areas. Includes essential information for sightseers. Photos, 154 pages. Inventory = 1. PELI2808 paper$7.95.

THE PELICAN GUIDE TO PLANTATION HOMES OF LOUISIANA. Calhoun. Contains brief sketches of over 200 architecturally and significant homes. Those open to the public as well as private residences of note are covered in easy-to-follow tours. Photos, map, 128 pages. Inventory = 3. PELI2812 paper$7.95.

THE PELICAN GUIDE TO THE OZARKS. Hampel. Details 11 tours of beautiful scenery in this central US region: history, nature, interesting buildings and shops. Photos, maps, 160 pages. Inventory = 1. PELI2810 paper$4.95.

PHOTOGRAPHS BY THE WRIGHT BROTHERS. Library of Congress. Catalog of photos recording the first manned power flight. 24p, microfiche of 301 photos. Inventory = 1. USGB9702 paper$5.00.

PLANTATIONS OF LOUISIANA. DeHart. Guides the traveler on tours of homes throughout the state and offers historical briefs and also introduces the basic architectural styles of Louisiana plantations, featuring over 300. Illustrated, 160 pages. Inventory = 1. PELI2813 paper$14.95.

SEA ISLANDS OF THE SOUTH. Gleasner. Travel guide to 40 islands off the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida that are easily accessible by air, boat, or car. Tells about sea turtles, sand dunes, shipwrecks, birdlife, Indian lore, fort ruins, pirates, tides. Photos, 159 pages. Inventory = 1. GLPE2994 paper$8.95.

SEQUOYAH INDIAN ALPHABET CARD.Inventory = 24. CHER5623card$0.50.

SOUTH CAROLINA HIKING TRAILS. de Hart. Describes over 185 trails for the hiker/backpacker. Photos, maps, 288p pocket-size. Inventory = 1. GLPE4407 paper$12.95.

THE SOUTHERN GUEST HOUSE BOOK. Ross. Includes houses offering overnight lodging in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and District of Columbia. Illustrated, 190 pages. Inventory = 1. GLPE4178 paper$8.95.

SOUTHERN ROCK: A Climber's Guide. Hall. Comprehensive guide to 21 areas in the states of Alabama, GE, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Tennessee with accurate directions to each, location of routes by description, sketch, or photo, and an extensive selection of available routes. Illustrated, 144p pocket-size. Inventory = 4. GLPE4177 paper$9.95.

SOUTHERN WOMAN'S STORY (A): Life in Confederate Richmond. Pember. A wry and realistic account of work in a Confederate military hospital, 1862-65, in besieged Richmond, VA: gossip and selfishness are side-by-side with courage and suffering of the wounded soldiers. 147 pages. Inventory = 3. MOCK3595 paper$2.50.


Ancient times to present, including Sequoyah and his alphabet, removal to West. 48 pages. Inventory = 14. CHER0161 paper$3.50.


THE SUMMER LAND. Davis. The tender and hilarious story of Fax Starling growing up in North Carolina tobacco country around 1916. 223 pages. Inventory = 1. MOCK3592 paper$1.50.

TAR HEEL SIGHTS--Guide to North Carolina's Heritage. Schumann. Lists over 1,000 historic and cultural sites. Photos, maps, 190 pages. Inventory = 1. GLPE0412 paper$8.95.

TENNESSEE TRAILS. Means. Guide to state's best walking and backpacking trails outside Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Covers over 100 trails and gives historical overview. Maps, 186 pages. Inventory = 1. GLPE2289 paper$9.95.

A TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO THE SMOKY MOUNTAINS REGION. Bradley. Features museums, events of the So. Appalachians of Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, & GA. 288 pages. Inventory = 1. KAMP0698 paper$10.95.

TROUT FISHING THE SOUTHERN APPALACHIANS. Fears. Guide to waters of Virginia, West Virginia,  Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. Fishing techniques, baits. Photos, 188 pages. Inventory = 4. GLPE0417 paper$7.95.




THE WAY IT WAS IN CHARLESTON: As Recalled By Laura Witte Waring. Waring. Inventory = 1.       DEAD3401 paper$6.95.

WETLAND HERITAGE: The Louisiana Duck Decoy. Frank. Depicts the step-by-step development of this folk art and offers valuable advice on carving techniques as well as tips for collectors, with list of master carvers. 320 color photos, 192 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. PELI2830 cloth$49.95.

ALLIGATOR (THE): Monarch of the Marsh. Toops. How alligators live in water, life cycle, hunting food, research and management in Everglades National park. Color photos, 64 pages. Inventory = 1. FNPM2248 paper$5.95.


Mountain springs, wildflowers, swamps, antebellum homes, beaches. Color photos, 72 large-format pages. Inventory =10. ISBN: 0-915796-068-6.  BEAM0120 paper$7.95.



BISCAYNE COUNTRY: 1870-1926. Pioneers, early settlements, and homesteading life that illuminate southern Florida's Dade County history. Photos, 323 pages. Inventory = 1. BANY2194 paper$14.95.

CRACKER FLORIDA: Some Lives and Times. Washington. About the people who live in rural areas of Florida--on back roads, near swamps, in the woods, or in small towns or out-of-the-way places. The way they live and what and how they value. 158 pages. Inventory = 1. BANY1898 paper$7.95.

EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK BIRD CHECKLIST. Loughlin et al. Habitat guide to birds of Florida national park; seasons, abundances. 20 pages. Inventory = 1. FNPM5267 paper$2.50.

EVERGLADES: The Story Behind the Scenery. de Golia. River of grass and its reptiles, bird life, human and park history of Florida National park. 102 color photos, 64 large-format pages. Inventory = 4. Order #: KCPU0734 paper$8.95.

EVERGLADES: Wonderland for Boys and Girls. Dickson. Describes features of Everglades National park in juvenile format. Illustrated, 144 pages. Inventory = 1. MISC9387 paper$6.00.

FLORIDA BY PADDLE AND PACK: 45 Wilderness Trails in Central and South Florida. Toner. Detailed, authentic guide for hiking and canoeing, with complete maps that show entry and exit points, routes, hazards, nearby towns. Photos,  maps, 144 pages. Inventory = 3. BANY2044 paper$6.95.

GUIDE TO FLORIDA. Rand McNally. Where to go, what to see, accommodations & restaurants, campground directory, full-color maps and photographs. Inventory = 2. RAMC3048 paper$6.95.

MOTORIST'S GUIDE TO EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK. Martin. Sites and features along roads, plus shorter walking trails. Color photos, 24 pages. Inventory = 1. FNPM2247 paper$2.95.

PEACHTREE STREET, ATLANTA. Williford. A portrait of Atlanta, Georgia, from Indian village to capital of the South. 189 pages. Inventory = 2. MOCK3596 paper$1.75.

VACATIONER'S GUIDE TO ORLANDO & CENTRAL FLORIDA (A). Grove. Tips on theme park visits, night life--where to go and what to see. Photos 96 pages. Inventory = 4. GLPE0415 paper$4.95.

VIRGIN ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK: The Story Behind the Scenery (VI). Robinson. White sands, reefs, plantation history. Includes Buck Island Reef National Monument. 105 color photos, 48 large-format pages. Inventory = 8. ISBN: 0-916122-14-X. 1974. Order #: KCPU0728 paper$8.95.




VIRGINIA COUNTRY'S CIVIL WAR: Vol. II. Includes articles on Jefferson Davis, Picketts charge, Lee versus Stuart. Illustrated, 72 large-format pages. Inventory = 1. COPU8381 paper$4.95.

WEST FLORIDA CANOE TRAIL GUIDE. deLorge. Folded map. Inventory = 1. RECR3144 paper$3.95.

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